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  1. Cornu Ammonis

    Sexy rettucs dreams

  2. Cornu Ammonis

    Guilty Pleasures

    I'll begin: - Starting unnecessary threads just for comedic purposes and to make @rettucs feel good.
  3. Cornu Ammonis

    Hopeworld Thread

    The Hellworld Thread carries too much bleakness. We need a place for small glimmer of light too.
  4. Cornu Ammonis

    Vinyl(s) for sale

    Aphex Twin Syro 3LP €20 Astro/Hiroshi Hasegawa Live at Muryoku Muzen Temple LP €10 Autechre Peel Session TX 13/10/95 12" €8 Autechre Basscad, EP 12" €8 The Cairo Gang Crime and the City Solution The Shadow of No Man 12"€5 Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP €20 Eleh Homage to the Pointed Waveforms...
  5. Cornu Ammonis

    The Tom Magnanimous Thread

    To balance out the Tom Petty thread. Post Toms who aren’t petty here. My uncle is sound and so was my grandad. Both really easy going, no pettiness.
  6. Cornu Ammonis

    Minor Morrisseys

  7. Cornu Ammonis

    Offered The Wire magazine 1995-2014

    I've a stack of The Wire magazine going back to 1995 and stopping around 2014. Not every issue (I've kept back about a third of them as they have features I will go back to as references) but a sizeable document of jazz, experimental and world music. Some great features and interviews in every...
  8. Cornu Ammonis

    The Jimmy Cake - Tough Love

    With Tough Love, The Jimmy Cake "slowly build a universe before breaking it all apart again" Read the whole post here.
  9. Cornu Ammonis

    Circle - Terminal

    Circle's Terminal is 'one to tune up your air guitar for' says John Kealy Read the whole post here.
  10. Cornu Ammonis

    Twin Peaks: The Return (spoilers)

    Came downstairs this morning to find that four episodes are available. Nice.
  11. Cornu Ammonis

    Judge Dredd: Mega-City One

    Mega-City One
  12. Cornu Ammonis

    Offered 2000AD/Judge Dredd

    I've a box full of early to mid-90s 2000ADs along with a few specials, annuals, collected issues/editions which I was going to send to the charity shop. However, I thought there might be someone here who would like them. Free for collection (I live in Sandyford) or could organise to meet in city...
  13. Cornu Ammonis

    Transferring audio from MiniDisc

    Can any of my Dublin-based Thumped colleagues transfer audio from a MiniDisc to wav? Have some music that is needed for a reissue project but only on MD.
  14. Cornu Ammonis

    The Handmaid's Tale

    Looking forward to this:
  15. Cornu Ammonis

    2017 albums worth a listen.....

    Anything good out yet?
  16. Cornu Ammonis

    For Sale Music for sale

    Getting rid of excess music that just doesn't get a look-in these days. 8 CDs by Aidan Baker/Nadja for €35 or €5 each. All VG+ to NM. "I Will Always..." is a CD-R. Nadja: Atavist split Guilted by the Sun When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV Aidan Baker: Scalpel I Will Always and Forever...
  17. Cornu Ammonis


    New album out soon and they're playing Dublin and Belfast in March.
  18. Cornu Ammonis

    Mini Cooper

    For @johnnystress
  19. Cornu Ammonis

    NES Classic Mini

    *excited face* Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition - Official Site