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  1. Diumraid

    Other platforms to screen a movie

    I'm looking for any leads on finding places to screen a movie in Galway and anywhere else in Connaught outside of regular cinemas that folk here might know. This includes anything from squats to community groups to film societies and anything else you might think of. I would be very much obliged...
  2. Diumraid

    Last of the Airbiscuits

    I was looking for the Movies now in production forum but I couldn't find it @pete ? Anyway - very excited about this 'Now in production: Last of the Airbiscuits II. Director: M. Night Showaddywaddy. We rejoin Foodghost the Hoof-Hearted locked in mortal peril with his arch-enemy Ice Mel. Will...
  3. Diumraid

    CDR duplication - help plz

    I always used MMI before - cheap and cheerful but sadly, no more. I'm looking for a similar deal €100 for 100 discs or so. Anyone know any deals like that? Mucho obligado
  4. Diumraid

    Theory / Keyboard Creativity Skills for Rock (etc.) Musicians

    Learn chord / scale relationships, understanding modes, working out harmony and arrangement on keyboards, tricks to beat writers block / opening up new avenues of creativity. PM for mo' details
  5. Diumraid

    99 Track Download album in aid of Tom Carter

    Details and DL available at the Deserted Village Bandcamp page here
  6. Diumraid

    Conniffe / Walsh / MacDiarmada album available for pre-order

    BRIAN CONNIFFE / SUZANNE WALSH / DIARMUID MACDIARMADA Side A Landslide A Shining Ache Holy Ground (Short Instrumental Mix) Side B Beneath White Sheets Not The Night The fourth entry in the series of six 12”/MLP releases. "Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre, experimental musician who has worked...
  7. Diumraid

    Neil Young, Bob Dylan, more rare vinyl for sale

    Check my ads on Gumtree
  8. Diumraid

    music theory / keyboard lessons for rock musicians

    Contact me to cultivate mad skillz - harmony, new angles on creativity, improvisation etc. One-off sessions or ongoing coaching - it's all good.
  9. Diumraid

    A Close One (a cautionary tale)

    My youngest daughter was lagging behind as we walked up Grangegorman today; the older daughter looked back to see some fucker searching his pockets as he drove, mounting the pavement and narrowly missing her. He was gone before I even knew about it. These are the fuckwits in whose hands your...
  10. Diumraid

    Heavy Melba Tumblers New show streaming now - much heaviness afoot old shows archived under Billy Splinters
  11. Diumraid

    Hunter's Moon

    Just back - had a terrific time ... this festival is awesome ..
  12. Diumraid


    has there been a thread about the return of Radioactive? If not check a tout My nom-de-guerre is Billy Splinters - harking back to my XFM days, terrestrial pirate radio and the atmosphere of espionage that went with. All shows are archived for streaming...
  13. Diumraid

    Heads up! CDS and LPs for sale

    Soon going for sale online unless some stouthearted soul here wants to bag them first Current 93: How he loved the moon (Moonsongs for Jhonn Balance) (2XCD) e25 Current 93: The Aryan aquarians meet their Waterloo (CD) e10 Circle: Arcades (live) (2xCD) e12 Circle: Guillotine (CD) e8 Scorn...
  14. Diumraid

    World Orchestra Mountjoy Sq

    I've been taken on as musical director by the World Orchestra Mountjoy Sq. which is dedicated to a deep musical exchange between the various musical cultures that exist in Dublin, esp the D1 area. If you are interested in trying to create this kind of alchemy or you know musicians from the...
  15. Diumraid

    Street Team Go

    Schizophrenic Hate Campaign's new Album 'A Hot Log' is currently steaming on the guyzzz are hoping to really freak all y'all out this summer with these hard-to-handle nuggets they've laid down which have been accurately described as 'hot', 'fresh' and 'funky'. Love them or hate...
  16. Diumraid


    Am having to do some lifesaving bloodletting on my hoard of records / cds / books / movies many items to sell - some will make me cry a little please visit and 'like' it to get updates Thanks all of you all
  17. Diumraid

    My Skillz - currently under-exploited

    Drums / Percussion Brass / woodwind arrangements (instruments I can bring include flute; clarinet; tenor / soprano saxophone; rudimentary trombone; some trumpet) Vocal arrangements (I sing bass / baritone / some tenor / 'humorous' falsetto) String arrangement Guitar / Bass Piano / Keyboards...
  18. Diumraid

    I ain't gonna' play Sun City Girls

    ... oh ok then
  19. Diumraid

    Tubular Bells

  20. Diumraid

    My soundcloud is.. and I just put up a bunch of things. Feel free to drop by, take tea, pour scorn, admire, perspire, drown in desire ... like whatever