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  1. Squiggle

    RIP Jim Daniels

    The lovely Jimmycorr. Death Notice Of James Daniel CORR, Raheny, Dublin, Ireland
  2. Squiggle

    Where the hell can you buy age appropriate clothes?

    My 3 nieces have their birthdays coming up and are going on holidays in October... my sis asked me to buy them a dress each. Bloody hell, it sounded so easy but it's rapidly becoming a nightmare. Even trying to find a dress for the 3 year old that wouldn't make her look like a teenager trying...
  3. Squiggle

    Cracked ipod touch screen

    Dropped my ipod touch and cracked the glass screen. It's still working but the crack is annoying me and I'd like to replace it before it gets any worse. Has anyone here done this themselves or can you recommend somewhere/someone? Anyone know if this crowd are reputable?
  4. Squiggle

    Help wanted - Jake and the Netherclifts

    A friend of mine is trying to track down a single from July 1976, it was the first release by punk scene label Hairy Arse Records Dublin it was a double A side called "I have to play with myself (cos all my friends are gone away)/Jimmy Savile is me da" by punk act Jake & The Netherclifts. The...
  5. Squiggle


    Ok so Mr Squggle's iMac needs updating. Currently running Leopard (10.5) which is no longer supported. Can anyone help us out with physical copies of 10.6 and 10.7, or recommend somewhere to get hold of them (downloads would be great, but even somewhere reputable to order discs would be fine).
  6. Squiggle

    Thumped misses... and needs..

    Buzzo Vinnie C0de_n1nja jane add your own. I miss old thumped.
  7. Squiggle


    My PC is getting a bit old and tired so I was thinking of upgrading it - more ram and larger hard drive at a minimum. I built my current pc about 10 years ago so then I was thinking of maybe totally rebuilding it, but it's been so long that I'm lost. Too many mainboard/processor options...
  8. Squiggle

    Firefox alternatives

    Since the last few updates of Firefox have made it virtually unusably slow even on a 20Mb connection I'm looking for recommendations for alternatives (Mac friendly and PC).
  9. Squiggle

    Sending a Fax to the US

    Hi, can anyone suggest somewhere in the city center that provides a faxing service, or some method of faxing a document to the US.
  10. Squiggle

    We have NOTHING for this baby...

    ... should I be panicking? I keep telling myself that March is ages away but I think it's going to sneak up pretty quickly. Mostly we just can't decide on anything. Want to get a bedside cot with a side that drops completely away, I remember someone on here (_Egg?) mentioned one before but...
  11. Squiggle

    Tourist Music?

    Hi. Have an overseas friend staying with us and he has expressed a desire to go to a pub in Dublin where he can abuse his ears listening to Molly Malone and other such traditional ditties. As we are going to have to accompany him I would prefer somewhere not in Temple Bar (which rules out the...
  12. Squiggle

    Adopt a cat?

    A friend of mine is looking for a good home for a beautiful cat, the family are leaving Ireland and can't take her with them. "Bonnie is about 13 years old and has FIV. She has lost quite a bit of weight lately but all in all she is in good form, and her moods are good! She eats and sleeps...
  13. Squiggle


    This thing looks amazing, transport for parent and child. Comes in a twin and other chair configurations are possible. Marginally cheaper than an old banger. Can't imagine braving Dublin traffic on it though.
  14. Squiggle

    Where would I find...

    an inflatable sofa to buy in Dublin? Need some additional seating for this weekend but don't want something that's permanently going to be taking up space.
  15. Squiggle

    Salmon Roe

    Anyone know where I could find some of this?
  16. Squiggle

    Moving Company Recommendations

    Only moving a short distance but have a lot of furniture and books to move. Has anyone used a moving company? Did you pack everything up yourself or get them to do it? Was it expensive? Was it worth it? Any recommendations?
  17. Squiggle

    Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2

    Does anyone have a copy of the Service Pack that I could borrow? I'm having problems updating to SP2 and some of my other software won't update without it. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Squiggle

    A few days in Wales?

    Worth doing? What's public transport like? Any recommendations for places to go/things to see? Hollyhead or Fishguard?
  19. Squiggle

    Recommend me an Island

    I've a friend coming over from the US next month. We'd like to take a trip to one of the offshore Islands for a couple of days. Neither of us will be driving so it needs to be fairly easily accessable by public transport. I've been looking at the Islands off the West Coast, but I've never...
  20. Squiggle

    Sociable Cooking - The Return

    For anyone who didn't partake in the earlier incarnation this is how it works: Someone agrees to host and picks a night Theme/menu is agreed Everyone going brings ingredients/booze All hands to the kitchen Lovely food is eaten Much fun is had Look up the original thread for some of the...