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  1. Umfufu

    Tickets Wanted Christy Moore at Vicar Street

    Looking for at least 2 tickets for next week (Wednesday March 13th). It's a potential birthday present so would need to know ASAP. Thanks.
  2. Umfufu

    Sassmouth Dames Film Club

    There’s a film club in the Denzille Cinema (near the Ginger Man pub & Merrion Sq) in Dublin on Thursday’s at 7pm. It focuses on films from the 1930’s & 1940’s with one or more strong female leads. It tends to have a particular interest in pre-code films (1930-1934) before the censorship rules...
  3. Umfufu

    For Sale Fender DG-14SLH (Left handed)

    Selling my old acoustic. Great entry level acoustic. Thumped discount applies.
  4. Umfufu

    For Sale Orange Crush 20B

    Perfect bass amp for a bedroom. Headphone jack, too. Not letting me upload a photo using the app so here's a link. Thumped discount will apply. Orange Crush 20b Bass Amp For Sale in Dublin 2, Dublin from BassyDave
  5. Umfufu

    Just took a chance & bought a lefty acoustic from these guys. Great service & loads of stuff actually in stock. I wanted to buy from an Irish shop & had spent a few weeks looking around. I settled on the guitar I wanted but when they went to order it, I was told it'd take 3-6 months & the price...
  6. Umfufu

    Tickets For Sale Mudhoney

    2 x E-tickets for sale. Wednesday 8 June., 8pm. €23 each. Prefer not to sell separately.
  7. Umfufu

    Park 79 Hotel in NYC

    Anyone stayed here? Have been to NYC a good few times & try to stay in a different area each time. Really want to stay in the Upper West Side this time but managed to book our flights the same week as the Marathon so there's feck all left. This place is in a great location but isn't...
  8. Umfufu

    2 x Suede Tickets for Dog Man Star gig

    I know they're not sold out yet but if you're planning on buying them anyway you might do me a favour & buy these instead of going through Ticketmaster. Drunken internet purchase by the missus. Buyers remorse set in the next morning. 2 x Standing tickets. Just under €50 each. Wednesday, 25th May.
  9. Umfufu

    BBQ Recipes

    Planning our first one of the year in the next couple of weeks. Like the idea of including more seafood recipes like this as well as the standard beef & chicken. Found the Veggie BBQ thread which is good especially cos the mammy-in-law likes haloumi so I might do something with that. I love...
  10. Umfufu

    dpi/ppi question

    The wife is writing a paper with photos for work. It was sent off to the printers by her boss but they sent it back saying the image was only 96 dpi & has to be saved as 300 dpi. I opened the file on GIMP (which I'm a complete noob at) & scaled the image to 300 ppi. Is this what they meant or...
  11. Umfufu

    Trash Not Emptying Fully

    Only started happening recently. After emptying the trash the icon still looks like it's got something in it. When I open up the Trash folder everything is gone except this. Any ideas?
  12. Umfufu

    Need A Cheap Laptop For A Student

    My sister's looking for a cheap laptop for college. Probably needs to be Windows machine with MS Office for compatibility's sake. Her birthday's coming up so we might all chip in & get her one. Where should I be looking?
  13. Umfufu

    Dog In Need Of A Home

    My friend fosters dogs for Drogheda Animal Rescue. She's needs to find a home for Trixie very soon. Anyone interested in a really cute dog with more character than Karl Malden's face? More details here
  14. Umfufu


    We're off to Cork city this weekend. We've nothing booked (apart from the hotel, of course). Any recommendations appreciated. Food, drink, gigs, whatever.
  15. Umfufu

    Is yer man on TV3 news drunk?

    Slurring words a bit & staring at the camera kinda creepily.
  16. Umfufu

    UK Budget

    Their VAT rate is going up to 20%. That's gotta be good for Ireland, right?
  17. Umfufu

    Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

    I've been threatening to eat less meat-based dinners for a while now so I started looking online for recipes. I'm surprised at how hard it is to find anything that looks like an appetizing vegetarian dinner. We usually have a homemade, meat-free pizza once a week & want to add a few more veggie...
  18. Umfufu

    Brian Lenihan has cancer

    According to TV3, he's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Nothing on RTE's website yet.
  19. Umfufu

    Florence & The Machine Tickets Wanted

    I have been informed by my younger sister that a band called Florence & The Machine are playing Dublin soon. She really wants to go but it's sold out. If anyone has a spare couple of tickets you'd make her very happy & also help me with my Christmas shopping.
  20. Umfufu

    Easy to Freeze Dinners

    Looking to help out a relative who's going through a tough time at the minute. Was going to cook something that she can stick in the freezer & use whenever suits. Needs to be kid friendly & preferably something that's an all in one dinner that just needs to be reheated so she doesn't need to...