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  1. muddymae

    2 p/t jobs 1 p45?

    Hi, help much appreciated. As the title suggests I have just scored 2 p/t jobs one is 16hrs a week and the other is 10hrs. Which one do I give my p45 to? Am I going to have to deal with the tax office directly? Will I be really overtaxed in one of the jobs? I'm a stuuuuudent now, does that get...
  2. muddymae

    Rufus Wainwright plays Limerick for 39 yups

    I've never been to a rufie gig but believe tickets were twice this price when he played Vicar St last year. Is this just coz it's on in Limbo?
  3. muddymae

    Two tickets for Leonard Cohen

    Sunday 15 - June Show at 7.30 pm Royal Hospital Kilmainham Fully seated outdoor gig €242.00 (face value) PM me or e-mail [email protected] Cheers mud
  4. muddymae

    room in gaff

    hello, available straight away: large room in nice house in harold's x. Sharing with two ladies, smokin' household, nice extras such as digital, surround sound and enter-the-net. come and see us from next monday. nice one phone : 087 7440437 e-mail: [email protected]
  5. muddymae

    elocution or how to talk proper

    how now brown cow the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain . . . can anyone thimk of any others? for the kids* let kids = multiverse
  6. muddymae

    The Subtonics - Free gig tonight wed 10th

    Shamone muthaf**kers......The mezz tonight @ 10pm tonight.. you and me...lets get it on...( White trousers optional ) also.. The Hub tonight... john walsh from fm104s going underground..presents debaser with alphastate (ex babelfish)..the mouse..bigwig..leslie keye (ex wild oscars)...
  7. muddymae

    true or false? check out "logs"
  8. muddymae

    Home Time Warp

    my big brother is getting married, first one out of ma famille my mom is in the kitchen listening to johnny cash my dad is "doing the hucklebuck" in the hallway i feel like a little kid again but you know it's really comforting in a weird kinda way
  9. muddymae

    slow tiimmee ssssllloooowwww

    i'm off work for a week 'n' a bit starting this sunday, this means that time now feels as if it's slowed to the point of going backwards :( 5 days = foreva i also can't get "this old house " by shakin' stevens out of my head, it's been going on for three days now . . . ain't a gonna need...
  10. muddymae

    today's times

    big up jurgen in today's arts section yay yay yay
  11. muddymae

    room in harold

    hello i'm posting this up on behalf of some friends of mine. there's a room available in a nice house on mounttallant avenue in harold's cross. Living with two girls and a guy very relaxed household 2 students and a worker ant rent is 350 europes per month the room is small but there are a...
  12. muddymae

    Question thank you please

    Does anyone know if Leonard Cohen ever appeared as a guest on "The Muppet Show" or "Sesame Street' I'm completely convinced that it happened but then again, truth and lies yatta yatta yatta i think there be a madness that walks this day
  13. muddymae

    Frank Black!!!

    .|..| .|..| Frank Black is playing in the music centre on the 11th of July. Personally I can't fucking wait, I saw him at shitness a coupla years ago and it was such a fine performance, i can't hardly sleep with "the excitement" i tell thee. The only fear I have is that the music...
  14. muddymae

    Last chance for a rappa nigh'

    come one come all get yizzer arses down to the village tonight funfactor 12 squillion all for great cause (s) 1 charidee 2 farewell (aoif and grevs) 3 (insert reason here) if you kan . . . do! (just like wet toilet wipes) thanks mud
  15. muddymae

    Sat Sum Sol

    does anyone know if there is anything planned for saturday night, it being the summer solstice and all that, it's usually a great excuse to sit in a field / beach and "thank" the goddesses(?) and all that jazz.
  16. muddymae

    someone's pants smell like pee-pee

    Is it you? :eek: !bog
  17. muddymae

    'ppreciating stuff

    without trying to sound like a fuckin' eejit, there's something on my mind that i'd like to say. there's a lot of love and talent and happiness around, but there are some folk who are unable to see the good points and who fall into trouble. I lost someone in this way this time last year and...
  18. muddymae


    sorry just testing something .........................................................
  19. muddymae

    jerry fish

    the subtonics are supporting Jerry Fish and the mud-bug club in the ambassador on friday night. should be worth a checkout as it's the subs first gig in a mucho long time. i was down in deBarras pub in Clonakilty Co. Cork this week where J Fish was "completely sold out girl" except for the...
  20. muddymae

    i'm stuck at work .................... am i the only one?

    i've been getting more and more aware that my job takes up most of the time that i should be spending elsewhere ...