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    Tickets For Sale The Interrupters

    I have 2 tickets for the Interrupters gig in the Academy next Wednesday 12th June. If anyone's interested, just give me a shout.
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    Setting up a guitar

    I'm looking at trying to set up the intonation and action on my new guitar. Can anyone recommend any tools that I should get? (eg string action gauges, files, or do i need of this stuff?)
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    I have a squier Jagmaster that I'm thinking of getting new pickups for. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Anything decent happening in Dublin tomorrow night?

    We've got babysitting for tomorrow night (9th June), anything decent happening around town?
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    Humongous Rob

    Hi All, Haven't been on here in a while because they banned thumped from our network in work. Pricks. Anyways, hope ye're all well. And here's some tunes I recorded. I've a bunch of songs written that I've never done anything with, so I'm trying to record them at home whenever I get a chance...
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    Anniversary Dinner

    Heading out with my wife in 2 weeks for our wedding anniversary. Can anyone recommend any decent restaurants in town? Haven't been out for dinner in ages.
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    2 keyboards and a guitar for sale

    hi all, Selling 2 old keyboards and a guitar on done deal. Discount available for pricks. Old Encore guitar: Encore Electric Guitar For Sale in Dublin on DoneDeal Old Yamaha keyboard: Yamaha PSR 275 Keyboard For Sale in Dublin on DoneDeal M Audio controller keyboard: M Audio Oxygen 8 v2...
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    Quotes from your neighbours

    "I was staring out our front window at 3.30 in the morning when I saw a taxi pull up outside a house down the road. A girl got out of the taxi and went into the house. That's very odd behaviour."
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    Warning for people living around Dublin 15

    Hi folks, Not sure if this is the right place to put this but a woman was attacked in Carpenterstown Park in Dublin 15 at 7.30am on Saturday. The woman managed to get away and unfortunately so did the guy. This is the 2nd attack that's happened in the area in the last few weeks so be very...
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    Quotes From Your Coworkers

    There's one woman here that comes out with some awful clangers sometimes, like a few minutes ago she said "People down the country watch Fair City because they believe that's what all Dublin people are like." Or another time she said "I'm getting really tired of all the terrible stuff that...
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    Inflatable guitars

    Anyone know of anywhere in town where I can buy some. Need to get some for a wedding and don't really have time to order them online
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    Good places to buy vinyl online?

    I want to get a copy of the new Pallbearer album on vinyl but can't find it around town and Amazon are charging £40 for it. Can anyone recommend any other decent mail order sites?
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    The Ice Bucket thread

    Anyone any major feelings on the whole thing? I've done it. I think it's a good cause. That's kind of it really
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    Major Pleasures

    My wife and I had a daughter. AND I took a month off work after she was born
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    Charity Table Quiz - 20th February - D2 Harcourt Street

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this but: There is a table quiz being held for the Richard Pampuri Social club on Thursday the 20th February in D2 Bar, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 from 7.30pm. The table quiz is the biggest fundraising event of the year for the Richard Pampuri Social...
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    Sheet music in Dublin

    Does anyone know of any shops that sell sheet music in Dublin. I used to buy Piano Exam books in Opus 2 but I just found out they shut last year.
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    Anyone seen any decent horror films lately?
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    Comprehensive List of Bands You're Glad You Saw

    Those last 2 threads about shit gigs and bands we never got around to seeing are getting kind of depressing. Are there any bands you decided to go check out on a whim that day and turned out to be amazing: Melt Banana in Crawdaddy. Thought they were good before. Completely addicted after that...
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    Table Quiz 7th February for Richard Pampuri Social Club - D2, Harcourt Street

    Just dropping ye a quick note to let ye know that there willbe table quiz and raffle taking place on Thursday 7th February in D2 onHarcourt Street at 7.30. The proceeds from this night will be used to fund therunning of the Richard Pampuri Social Club. It’s €40 for a table of 4 to takepart...
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    Broombridge Station Robbery

    Not sure if this is the right place for this at all but anyhow but I'm just posting a word of warning for anyone getting trains stopping at Broombridge. I was on the 5.45 train to Maynooth yesterday evening when a group of lads robbed a phone off a young woman when the train pulled up at the...