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  1. BonsaiSuperstar

    James McCartney

    Most of you guys probably knew about this fella already. But I came across him for the first time this week. I thought it was a joke, but it is actually Paul's son. He looks and it feels like a Little Britain sketch. Here he is on Lorraine performing, but a great pre-performance cameo by...
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    Black Metal Recommendations II

    This thread should never have died..... when I tried to raise it from the bowels of hell I got told this: Sorry BonsaiSuperstar - You'll have to start a new thread as this one is older than 730 days. IT LIVES AGAIN!!
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    Official Quare Ball 2011 World Cup Thread

    Squad has been announced. O'Leary and Fitzgerald miss out. O'leary was appalling against France...but enough to lose out? Rory Best (Banbridge/Ulster) Isaac Boss (Terenure College/Leinster) Tommy Bowe (Ospreys)* Tony Buckley (Sale...
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    Amazing news!
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    Tomas Brolin - Prick of the Highest Order

    Remember this little sh1T? Looking to claim a goal from 1991 that was credited to Roland Nilsson in a FRIENDLY against Norway. Brolin, who also had a spell at Crystal Palace in 1998, said he did not raise the issue immediately after the match because it was Nilsson's first goal for the...
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    Working in a petrol station

    I remembered there today that the ultimate job in the village when i was growing up was to work on the petrol pumps in the local maxol. The lads would sit in the small cabin waiting for a car to pull up. Then fill the car. They might get tipped as well. But the best part was the maxol jacket...
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    Official World Cup 2010 Thread

    All World Cup discussions in here for teams that have actually qualified. So far we have: Hosts South Africa Africa Ivory Coast Ghana Asia Australia North Korea South Korea Japan North America Honduras Mexico USA Europe Denmark Germany Netherlands England Italy Serbia Slovakia Spain...
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    Sufjan Stevens - The BQE

    New album from Sufjan Stevens is out, I saw it in Tower on Friday. Had no idea there was one due. Any one have a listen yet? "cinematic suite inspired by the brooklyn-queens expressway and the hula-hoop. commissioned by brooklyn academy of music (bam), 'the bqe' was originally performed in the...
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    Contracting through a Contracting Company

    a few months back i had to take a job as a contractor. in order to take the job i had to either set myself up as a limited company or go through a contracting company to set up the company and have me as one of the directors. I wnet with the contracting company. now my contract is over i am...
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    NFL 2009-2010

    Season Starts today! Well it really started on Thursday with defending champions Pittsburgh beating Tennessee in overtime. Who are people cheering for this year. Usually I look out for Pittsburgh and Chicago. Chicago feel like they have turned into contenders overnight with the acquisition...
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    anyone interested in Cheltenham. I am not a big horses fan myself as I generally don't put money on animals.I wouldnt even count it as a sport.... I am off today (and for the foreseeable future) so I might watch a bit of it.
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    Tinted Windows

    A very very strange supergroup! James Iha - Pumpkins Adam Schlesinger - Fountains of Wayne Bun E. Carlos - Cheap Trick TAYLOR HANSON...
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    US Muslim TV boss 'beheaded wife' The founder of a US Muslim TV network has been charged over the beheading of his wife, media reports say. Muzzammil Hassan, 44, is accused of second degree murder of Aasiya Hassan, whose body was found last week at the TV station in New...
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    New Walkers Flavours

    So there are some new Walkers Crisps Flavours! they are: Builders Breakfast Cajun Squirrel (wtf?) Chilli Chocolate Crispy Duck and Hoisin Fish and Chips Onion Bhaji Imagine the smell coming from a bag of Fish and Chips! Yuck!
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    Music in the Recession on Sky News

    Sky News are doing a piece all morning on the recession and music that speaks about. it started off talking about bands like "The Specials", UB40 and The Jam singing about the bleakness of the recession. It then went said that bands today could also be political and draw parallels between the...
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    Amp Setup for Gig

    Hey guys i have a gig coming up soon. i will be using 2 keyboards. at the moment i have a 50 watt amp and a bass amp (20 maybe, not sure as its not in front of me now) would this be enough? i am pretty clueless regarding this sort of stuff so any help would be great!
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    Sentinel Records closes it's doors end of February 2009

    This is awful news. Statement from It’s with a deep regret I have to announce the closer of Sentinel, the shop, at the end of February. The last year was an extremely difficult one and with the current climate things are not going to improve any. We’re open just over 4 years...
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    Jan Transfer Window Thread

    a thread to discuss the movers and shapers! this was prompted by hearing rangers have to sell up big time in this window. Kris Boyd and Barry Ferguson are going south for a combined fee of 6 million. destinations Birmingham and possibly Newcastle. In Irish news wes hoolihan may move to Leeds...
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    The FA Cup Thread

    so the 3rd round is under way and we have a few upsets. Man City losing to Forest. Stoke losing to Hartlepool. Torquay beating Blackpool and Southend getting the draw at Chelsea. we already lost the mighty Leeds united in the last round to Histon, whose match at Swansea was called off...
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    Favourite Depeche Mode Album

    Been listening to them a lot recently i reckon my favourite is "Songs of Faith and Devotion" which has now taken over from Violator as my previous favourite. EDIT: Added a Poll. i left out Exciter, no way is that someones favourite.....