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  1. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Galway bands told EP passes and slots were cancelled

    From Jim Carroll's twitter "Hearing that Galway bands Lost chord and disconnect 4 arrived at #ep10 to be told passes and slots were cancelled. Bad form EP bookers"
  2. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Paul Williams told his books are 's**t' by drug adidict
  3. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    LOLZ : Brendan O' Connor's house for sale read this short thread now as it's sure to get bigger, no shortage of smart comments. Total LOLZ!
  4. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Bands! Don't be sending music journalists Haribo jellies LOLZ
  5. Raudi Raus Schinkel


    I'm going to Zimbabwe on Monday last minute. Is it really as expensive as they say? Any restaurant recommendations please. I Kruger National Park nice in South Africa? Do you defo need to take your Malarone?
  6. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Hoctor makes a fool of herself on-air

    No wonder she lost her junior ministerial post. And some benny forgets to edit it then.
  7. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Athlone scumbags

    I dunno if anyone posted this or what but anyways
  8. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Celebrity Big Brother

    No wonder the lads hate Ulrika. £175,000 makes her the biggest earner. Hope Terry wins, he'd be deadly on his own show again I miss The Word. Surprise...
  9. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Deadly dangerous Radox Shower Gel
  10. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Dick Roche held at gunpint in Druid's Glen
  11. Raudi Raus Schinkel


    YouTube - John Lennon Announced dead by Howard Cosell 1980 YouTube - John Lennon Shot BBC NEWS 1980 YouTube - Paul McCartney reaction to news of John Lennon Death
  12. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    No more Dunnes stores !

    I'm feling a bit sentimental, having just come from Dunnes today, it hit me , No more Dunnes. Anyone get loads of boys' Snowflake jumpers as xmas presents? DUNNES Stores has refused to confirm or deny it has cancelled its entire clothes orders for next year -- a step unlikely to be taken...
  13. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Missing guitarist 'presumed dead'

    Missing Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards has been declared as presumed dead. The Welsh musician disappeared 13 years ago, at the age of 27. Despite alleged sightings across the world, many believe Edwards took his own life. Edwards, also a lyricist for the band, was last seen in...
  14. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    ULTRAVOX to go on 2009 UK tour

    Eighties electro band Ultravox are heading out on a UK tour next year. Singer Midge Ure has teamed up with his old group to play fourteen dates, including Plymouth, London and Glasgow, starting in April. It is the first time the band will have performed alltogether since Live Aid in 1985.
  15. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    You won't be eating at Wax/Spy or Ely
  16. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Disco began in Nazi Germany

    heard it on the radio one today
  17. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    D.O.D. FESTIVAL LAOIS see ye dere righ!
  18. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    2 tickets Primavera 99 each

    Me and me friend can't go. we bought em ages ago so they are at the pants down-early bird price of 99 each. PM me if you want em. (I'm Dublin-based)
  19. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    David Gedge/Gerry Hutch-brothers?

  20. Raudi Raus Schinkel

    Stay Home-You're not gettin paid for this Friday