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  1. ann post

    Ireland Music Week 2019, 1st - 5th October

    well that stupid name is finally gone.
  2. ann post

    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    A thread for documentation of the Ochlocracy of our time. Not an endorsement of anything, just for observation purposes. This week, the guy who only tweets newspaper covers is getting attacked for tweeting newspaper covers because a man who got attacked on Twitter for tattooing a gun to his...
  3. ann post

    Captain A - Forest Spirit II

    After a cycling accident shortly after the Dreams album came out, I was unable to use one of my arms for a period of time. This record was entirely programmed using a computer mouse balanced on a speaker during that time. I took a lot of influence from Koji Kondo in that the early Nintendo had a...
  4. ann post

    Don't ever play a gig without an agreed price

    Sure I've mentioned this in other threads and often made soft suggestions of 'starting a thread'. But lets be clear about the meaning if this: If you are in band or in a position of booking bands and you are working any show that is not agreeing a price with every person who is on stage that...
  5. ann post

    I saw a thing in the garden

    A thread for seeing cool animals about the place. Kinda like cute lifestyles inspired by @pavlos post except in actual reality. Photos if you are lucky... So far I've been watching one pretty cheeky little robin who's prone to the occasional top gun style fly by when you are outside, and a...
  6. ann post

    Earth overshoot day :)

    Today is earth overshoot day, this means we've used up all the resources earth can provide in a year months ahead of schedule. I
  7. ann post

    The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women

    according to NPR The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women
  8. ann post

    Blooms - Captain A & The Commercial Monsters

    Streaming for a few days - Blooms from 'Cloudism' which will be released whenever I finish editing the video. The whole record is live because we are class.
  9. ann post

    Just signed up for pokemon go!

    this i'll probably take up all my time for a week.
  10. ann post

    Just signed up for snapchat

    You only think Twitter is infinite nothing till you get here. I like it.
  11. ann post

    Farewell from Captain A & The Commercial Monsters

    This thread does what it says on the tin. We are going to play a few shows, and I am going to take a break from making music. The gorey details are on a facebook post. Thanks thumped. Still 3-4 opportunities to see us live. Peace and Lazers Captain A / Ann Post
  12. ann post

    Captain A & The Commercial Monsters - Dreams

    Hi thumped!! Here is a thread for talking about the 'Dreams' album as requested by @johnnystress I'm not the best at describing this thing, but this person makes a good go at it: Captain A & The Commercial Monsters – Dreams Album Review and Launch - | And here I...
  13. ann post

    The F.F.S. thread (Sparks /Ferdinad)

    Promising Very 'first sparks records' vibe.
  14. ann post

    Songs in Languages you don't Understand ///

    Was listening to this this evening. Checked up a translation / history after... Anyways, songs you like that you don't really know what they are about because the language isn't one you understand. Voulez Voo doesn't count FYI.
  15. ann post

    Bored In Work 664

    Kindle Cover Disasters
  16. ann post

    Trigeminal Neuralgia Petition (Please sign!!)

    Asking you guys if you will sign / share this petition. Petition International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day TN has very little funding or awareness at present, getting on the WHO list makes a huge difference for research, Awareness and so on. In fact its a bit mad to think that the most...
  17. ann post

    Smartwatch Thread

    They are coming. Just putting this thread here for the near future. Anyone bought one/looking at buying one?
  18. ann post

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    I really love these guys. 1st and 2nd albums are excellent. Simple 3 piece jam essentially. They are doing europe sans Ireland so I'm sure a thumped thread will fix that. Also I timed my buzz for them at EP and it was magical.
  19. ann post

    Anywhere we can play in dublin in May?

    Howdy. Some of you might and some of you might not know that i've been working on a record (my 9th) for a very long time (about 4 years). Its finished now and is going off to the printers within the next few days. I'm organizing some local shows in the north west/west to promote it but dublin is...