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  1. Cormcolash

    Arnocorps - Dublin 15th July

    Well-steeped in the heroic tales of their Austrian heritage, ArnoCorps take ancient myths such as “Predator,” “Commando,” “Terminator” and “Total Recall” and set them to a sonic onslaught known as action-adventure hardcore rock ‘n’ roll. While many in the press have foolishly mistaken the...
  2. Cormcolash

    The Diving Thread

    For posting videos of diving cheating bastards such as Costa, Robben, Young, etc. I'll start with something that probably can't be bettered
  3. Cormcolash

    Parrots with the music

  4. Cormcolash

    The Atrocity Exhibit, Okus + more - 26th Feb, Tenterhooks

    The Atrocity Exhibit return for another Irish tour, giving Dublin another dose of grindcore sludge on the 26th Feb. Support from Okus, Immaculate Deception (first gig in 29 years!), and Left To Die - a good mixture of heavy stuff.
  5. Cormcolash

    Fuck off 'Arry

    Shite manager resigns after not being allowed to splurge loads more cash on old people during the transfer window. Cites "knee injury" as reason for quitting, hahaha, you must be 'aving a larf 'Arry! "Yeahhh, it's a 'triffic knee I'm getting in. Chairman's been working on it for a while. It's...
  6. Cormcolash

    New Jon Walters thread - everyone loves him

    2 goals so far today (both assisted by Daddy Dick actually) and he is having a pretty great season.
  7. Cormcolash

    RTE lynch Lynched / Happy Culture Night!

    Here is the beginnings of the story: Dublin Folk Group Pulled From Culture Night Bill Over Set List. : Rabble will probably update this soon with recent news, which is that RTE claimed Lynched pulled out of the event themselves, only for one of the band members to show Rabble the...
  8. Cormcolash

    Thumped Christmas Party 2014

    My house, €5 out.
  9. Cormcolash

    Older Dublin Venues

    Just wondering where exactly these places were, and did they do gigs often, kind of thing? The Attic McGonagles The Old Chinaman The Boom Boom Room - was this run in the Parnell Mooney? I know it moved to downstairs in Murray's later on. Was Slattery's the same Slattery's that is still on...
  10. Cormcolash

    Meeting People / Internet Troll

    Well, I'm okay in real life?
  11. Cormcolash

    What do you think Thumped people look like in real life

    WashingCattle Hector Grey Nooly JohnnyMc etc etc
  12. Cormcolash

    OnOff Kickstarter

    They need 35 grand to make it big in America! Video included
  13. Cormcolash

    OnOff Kickstarter

    Plus music video. LOOOOOLLLLLL maybe this should have been in minor pleasures/complaints
  14. Cormcolash

    Modal complaints

    In your face Ann Post!!!
  15. Cormcolash

    Return Of The Dick

    I want Daddy Dick to come back and play for Ireland, just because of how good this headline is Keane reveals plea from 'dead' Ireland grandmother - RTÉ Sport
  16. Cormcolash

    Club Ginger Ale

    The nectar of the Gods
  17. Cormcolash

    Ballon D'ore

    SCANDAL: Kuwait, Fiji & Albania coaches say Ballon d'Or was rigged & their votes were changed Still, they got the Puskas award for goal of the year right
  18. Cormcolash

    New ManU Thread - hahahahahahaha

    No doubt now that I have made this, they will start winning everything all around them :(
  19. Cormcolash

    Washingcattle in new Club Orange ad