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  1. Anthony

    Major Complaints Thread

    Half an hour trying to print a word document on a PC. Pc users, how do you do it ????
  2. Anthony

    What gig did you go to last night?

    That phrase.
  3. Anthony

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    Two episodes into Catch-22. It already feels like about 7 or 8 episodes. Hoping it gets better.
  4. Anthony

    Tin Machine - Tin Machine (1989)

    This came out at an interesting time in "my Bowie life". Up until the late 80s Bowie meant as much to me as aha or Queen. Or anyone else who was on Top Of the Pops. I think my first Bowie memory was Ashes To Ashes on TOTP. In 89 I met a Bowie fanatic, made me mix tapes etc. I started taking him...
  5. Anthony

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Really? Who were you? I thought I know what you looked like.
  6. Anthony

    What movie did you watch last night?

    The Florida Project. Excellent. Always stressful watching films with kids in. You're just waiting for one of them to get killed or something.
  7. Anthony

    Minor Pleasures

    Got a new phone. Is that still considered a pleasure?
  8. Anthony

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Glimmermen in the Bello Bar last night. They were excellent. Where were all you prix?
  9. Anthony

    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    I've seen slipknot twice. Once supporting Metallica in the RDS. I went expecting to not like them but they were absolutely brilliant. The album at the time (Vol 3.) is excellent. Saw them again the Simmonscourt where they were good but sounded like shite. Not bothered about going to see them...
  10. Anthony

    Tin Machine - Tin Machine (1989)

    That was Tin Machine II, the second album. Which really WAS rubbish.
  11. Anthony

    The Stephen Universe

    Only season 1 is on Netflix. I LOVED it. I can't wait for the other seasons to go on there. I'm ignoring it until it does because every picture I see has spoilers. Best just to watch this knowing nothing. It reveals details when you need them. The best TV I'd seen in years.
  12. Anthony

    What movie did you watch last night?

    The Favourite. Visually and audibly intense.
  13. Anthony


    Those Tele/strat hybrids are deadly.
  14. Anthony

    What movie did you watch last night?

    10 minutes of total shit called Ideal Home where Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd play a gay couple (badly). Larry Crowne, a Tom Hanks film. Started promising. Went down from there. Would not recommend.
  15. Anthony

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Neil/Bob in Kilkenny. I enjoyed this for non-music reasons. We'd just dropped the second of our boys off at "camp" so we were childless. My priority for the day way to drop him to DCU then just "get there when we get there". So we got there in fine time and parked for free (result!). We got to...
  16. Anthony

    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    Glimmermen on saturday
  17. Anthony

    Jaysus cycling!

    Did this. It was deadly. We went one way on Monday and the other way on Tuesday. It's actually well doable in both directions in one day. We were on rented hybrid bikes, pretty heavy compared to the road bike. It's on though because you can't go too fast on the greenway. Loved it.
  18. Anthony

    What are you a member of?

    Denis the Menace FC. IIRC I only ever bought one copy of the comic, and that was to get the form. I was in the Mama's Boys Fan Club. Mainly because the address for it was only over in Ashbourne. But also because they were cool. I used to get the newsletter and I ordered a couple of singles...
  19. Anthony

    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

  20. Anthony

    What movie did you watch last night?

    Half price wednesday!