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  1. washingcattle

    Protomartyr - Under The Colour Of Official Right

    'It’s what I’d imagine chatting to JG Ballard is like' - Watchingcattle on Protomartyr's Under Colour Of Official Right Continue reading...
  2. washingcattle

    Pink Mountaintops - Get Back

    'to be honest I did feel like I was listening to Shine 6 (anyone under the age of 30 will not get that reference, but fuck you and your painless spines and working hamstrings)' - Watchingcattle revisits his 90's youth for a second opinion on Pink Mountaintops' Get Back Continue reading...
  3. washingcattle

    2014 Movie Roundup Part 1 - Godzilla vs Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

    Watchingcattle starts his review of the year's cinema with a look back at Godzilla and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Continue reading...
  4. washingcattle

    Hands Up Who Wants To Die - Vega In The Lyre

    'This isn’t ‘verse - chorus - verse’ or ‘quiet bit - loud bit’. Everything here is loud' - WatchingCattle on Hands Up Who Wants To Die's Vega In The Lyre Continue reading...
  5. washingcattle

    20,000 Days On Earth

    'intelligent, complex, honest and, above all else, entertaining' - WatchingCattle on the recently released Nick Cave documentary 20,000 Days On Earth Continue reading...
  6. washingcattle

    Champions League 2014-15

    It's properly back tomorrow - Bilbao vs Napoli massive loss either way there. I'd say it could be curtains for Benitez if they don't get through. Shame that, he seems seriously likeable. So who do we fancy ? Me I think Real might do all 6. Obviously I'd prefer the likes of Napoli, Atleti, BVB...
  7. washingcattle

    No Way, Referee

    The thread for discussing referees. And Howard Webb has retired. Liverpool fans might have strong feelings about him, the same as we do about Pierluigi Collina and Martin Atkinson. But I kind of liked him. He seemed honest, at least he admitted when he got things wrong This will always be...
  8. washingcattle

    Football Cliches that can fuck off

    "That wasn't in the script" It totally depends who wrote the fucking script. Post your most hated examples of the commentator phoning it in.
  9. washingcattle

    De Skillz Thread

    Thread for moments of genius. First up Wesley Sniejders ass pass
  10. washingcattle

    Champions League 2013-14

    Is there already a thread for this ? I can't find it anyway. So far it's been pretty typical. Galatasaraay have been all over Real, who got one chance and took it. Edit: Oh yeah and Pepe assaulted Drogba in mid air and it looks like Didier dislocated his shoulder. Plus Sergio Ramos looks like...
  11. washingcattle

    The European Leagues 2013-14 Thread

    Barcelona went to town on Levente and now real are making hard work of it against a very bright Betis side. But most importantly Real have used Comic Sans to write the names and numbers on their jerseys!! Ridiculous.
  12. washingcattle

    Comprehensive List of Bands I'm Afraid to See Live Because They might Not Live Up To My Expectations

    Bjork Neil Young Bob Dylan The Cure Though mainly Bjork because I wasn't mad on her last few and I literally would have killed to see her circa Homogenic/Vespertine.
  13. washingcattle

    Anyone watching the Euro U-21s ?

    Breaks down like this so far Holland Italy and Spain look very very strong. Germany got a hiding of Holland for 45 minutes then started playing. England were shite. Some really great players on show, Isco and Verratti have been absolutely amazing.
  14. washingcattle

    The Under/Over Rated Players Thread

    Inspired by the PFA player of the year list and this thread Who are histories forgotten heroes. Here's to the lads that never got much credit the Dungas, the Ronnie Whelans and the Jean Tiganas of the world First up most...
  15. washingcattle

    Ireland vs Cromwell and Franco

    Since we only seem to play against single humans who represent entire nations now. So basically we'll be getting hidings off Spain and Englands B teams to start the summer. Bet Gibson throws his hat back into the ring so that he can get a...
  16. washingcattle

    Barcelona Collapse

    They've lost. It's all over. I predict a complete implosion, absolute collapse. Good riddance. Viva Los Colchoneros!!!!
  17. washingcattle

    Di Canio what a headcase. This interview deserves it's own thread.
  18. washingcattle

    No more relegation if your club is owned by a foreign tyrant

    Seriously what next ? You can't score against a club unless the player who scores is worth at least as much as the other clubs least expensive player, thereby protecting the reputation of the more expensive players in the league ? Fuck sake.
  19. washingcattle

    2011-12 Champions League Thread

    Arsenal vs Udinese is top quality so far. Arsenal banging on the door Udinese break so quickly it's like finely matched boxing so far. Udinese supporters are noisey bastards apparently all under the age of 18 or so the director would have us believe. Handadovic just made 2 world class saves...
  20. washingcattle

    Section 4, BOMC and BOTSA at ruta this thursday 25th of August

    Section 4 The Bridges of Madison County Budget of the shopping Anarchist Are on this thursday the 25th of August at Ruta It starts at 8:30 it's € 3 if you get there before 9 and €5 if you get there after. Thank you