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  1. egg_

    Quiet solo piano

    Been working on a bit of solo piano stuff myself, so I've been checking out what else is out there, and it turns out it's a whole genre of sort of quiet melancholy piano playing on Spotify. Some of it's lovely too:
  2. egg_

    Iveagh gardens gigs - food?

    Going to Idles in Iveagh Gardens tonight, and won't have a chance to eat beforehand. Do they have food sellers there?
  3. egg_

    Hot 8 Brass Band - tickets wanted

    None of yiz would have Hot 8 tickets you don't want for Wed next week, would ye?
  4. egg_

    Music videos that depend entirely on a pretty face

    Here's one. Nothing happening except Freya Ridings's loveliness. Too hypnotised to even know if I like the song Tempted to rip this off for the next Stoat video - could come out as unsettling or funny, either of which would be OK with me
  5. egg_

    Adventures on the cutting edge of wokeness

    I work for a very well-known San Francisco based non-profit (please don't say who it is, don't want this post to be too easily findable), which means I'm at the very epicentre of wokeness. I'm 100% remote, but there are a few in-person events every year. If it's mostly Europeans (or just...
  6. egg_

    Quotes from yourself

    A thread for posting stupid stuff you have said all by yourself, because you're a clown Me, just now (to Mrs. egg_): Was thinking I might pop down to Boyle's (local pub) tomorrow night, cos it's the first Wednedsay night in ages I haven't felt exhausted
  7. egg_

    The price of trains

    I wanted to go to Despacio in London in August. Boat+train costs EUR120-odd, and I'd need to stay 2 nights. Flight costs EUR40 and I'd only need to stay one (so half the accommodation cost) (sighs) I guess I won't be going so. How the fuck are flights so cheap compared to ground transport?
  8. egg_

    Me and my kids made up a song

    It's on spotify too
  9. egg_

    Music/video equipment donation

    A lad I worked with died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. He had some music and video equipment in his flat that his Mam back in Budapest has no interest in. Anyone know of a music school or some kind of similar thing that it could be donated to?
  10. egg_

    Anyone have a gimbal/glidecam/camera stabiliser I could borrow?

    Making another music video (for me and my kids' first release)
  11. egg_

    Buying an instrument in the US, and bringing it home

    Anyone ever done this? I have some money saved up, would love a USA standard precision and I'll be in the US with work in Jan.
  12. egg_


    Have ye heard of this crowd? New to me, seems I'm behind the curve cos they've views in the millions on youtube Irish Die Antwoord kinda buzz. This is a BZANGER (video is a bit unsettling though)
  13. egg_

    Festivals that allow teenagers

    Most Irish festivals don't allow anyone over 12 or under 18 in, even if they're with their parents. Vantastival is the only exception I know of. Anyone know of any others?
  14. egg_

    Anyone got a spare EP ticket to sell?

    Playing it with my local bar band, would love Mrs egg_ to come along but have no ticket for her. Anyone have one for sale?
  15. egg_

    Weekly comic subscriptions

    Anyone know anything about comics? My (almost) 10 year old (currently) wants to be a comic artist when she grows up, and wants a subscription to a marvel comic for her birthday ... I'm thinking Ms. Marvel or Champions or Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Any ideas where might do a subscription in...
  16. egg_

    Thinking about getting a new bass, but ...

    I want a standard p-bass sound for recording. I've an old squier model knocking about, was thinking about replacing the pickups with these Good idea? Or should I just save up more money and buy a p-bass?
  17. egg_

    Drummer wanted near Slane/Navan

    (FYI - this is nothing to do with Stoat. We already have a very lovely and irreplaceable drummer, as ye know) I've been playing in a fairly informal covers band on Wednesday nights in Boyle's of Slane, and there's been a falling-out between some of the band members and the pub. It all seems...
  18. egg_

    Battery-powered bass amp

    Anyone know anyplace I might borrow one (or buy one cheap)?
  19. egg_

    New EU copyright legislation

    Anyone know anything about it? I know The Wikimedia Foundation is very much opposed to it (even though there are provisions to exclude wikipedias from it) on the grounds that it's against the spirit of a free and open internet What I'm afraid of is the 'upload filters' that Article 13 talks...
  20. egg_

    How should I feel about Borgore?

    I heard this song for the first time yesterday And I FUCKING LOVE IT ... but listening to the lyrics this guy Borgore seems like a full-bore misogynistic asshole, or at least using mysoginistic asshole-ism as a way to sell his music. But then I go and look him up and his audience seems to...