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  1. pete

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    it's on amazon prime
  2. pete

    The Man In The High Castle Season 4

    i like it. similar enough to the book, but plenty different too.
  3. pete

    Bored In Work 889

  4. pete

    Bored In Work 889
  5. pete

    Bored In Work 889
  6. pete

    Forthcoming TV trailers

  7. pete

    The Man In The High Castle Season 4

    I'm probably the only one here watching this, but 15-Nov-2019 03:01 The Man in the High Castle 04x01 Episode 1
  8. pete

    Minor complaints thread

    yeah but only the microwave
  9. pete

    Songs that you forgot you loved...

    hadn't heard this since... then? until it cropped up on Legion
  10. pete

    Westworld Season 3

  11. pete

    Minor complaints thread

    my dad always claimed he could hear the microwave whenever it was running... in his teeth
  12. pete

    Star Trek Picard

    "This facility has gone 5843 days without an assimilation"
  13. pete

    Star Trek Picard

    better quality
  14. pete

    Star Trek Picard

  15. pete

    The Expanse (Sy Fy)

    series 4 on december 13th
  16. pete

    Space is the Place

    live + 50 years
  17. pete

    Arachnophobia - you know, spiders and stuff

  18. pete

    Any wrestling fans?

    it's like he's playing with some small children
  19. pete

    The Walking Dead Season 10

  20. pete

    forthcoming film trailers