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  1. superman

    for sale : Aqua Puss Analog Delay

    90 euro
  2. superman

    more cds for sale 31/03/12

    prices include p&p. all cds (except digipaks) will be sent without jewel cases. iron maiden - killers - 6 fear of the dark - 6 powerslave - 6 somewhere in time - 6 number of the beast - 6 piece of mind - 6 seventh son of a seventh son - 6 different world dvd single - 6 or all...
  3. superman

    FOR SALE : Zoom R8 8-Track Digital Multi-track Recorder : 150Euro

    Barely used..just bought ableton live/new laptop so i have no use for it anymore..the trial Steinberg Cubase E DAW software that came with it has expired unfortunately! .|..|
  4. superman

    CDS/VINYL For Sale 13/3

    cds : comeback kid : symptoms and cures - 4euro cancer bats : hail destroyer - 4euro bears, mayors scraps and bones (2-disc version) - 7euro dillinger escape plan : option paralysis (deluxe cardboard edition) - 7euro enslaved : ruun - 4euro ghost : opus...
  5. superman

    at last an atlas, squarehead and big monster love @roisin dubh this saturday!

    at last an atlas squarehead big monster love sat 3rd october upstairs @ roisin dubh doors 8pm adm 5yo-yos .|..|
  6. superman

    you kiss by the book, paul o'reilly and brno chairs @ roisin dubh, sat 29th aug

    you kiss by the book sleep deprived folk rock with a country twang. paul o'reilly sleep inducing folk rock with a yawny twang. brno chairs unamped. roisin dubh (upstairs) saturday 29th august doors : 9pm adm : €5 .|..|
  7. superman

    paul o'reilly, vertigo smyth & big monster love Roisin dubh gig!

    this friday!
  8. superman


    i know this isnt strictly in keeping with the forum but was just wondering how to go about getting a barcode for a cd im rleasing with at last an atlas? can anyone point me in the direction of a website please? :heart:
  9. superman

    c.joynes/cian nugent/peter delaney roisin dubh 1st september

    C JOYNES (Bo'Weavil, Great Pop Supplement, Leith Hill Recordings, Palimpsest) English acoustic guitarist C Joynes, a resident of Cambridge, has released 3 albums, issued by the likes of BO' WEAVIL and THE GREAT POP SUPPLEMENT. His LP 'The Running Board' on THE GREAT POP SUPPLEMENT sold out...
  10. superman

    Robert Sarazin Blake galway residency

    Robert Sarazin Blake Upstairs @ Roisin Dubh, Galway mon apr 7th ( + yawning chasm and vertigo smyth) mon apr 14th ( + three cheers for everything + so cow) mon apr 21st ( + colin h.smith and big monster...
  11. superman

    galway accomodation

    im goingto be looking for accomodation in galway in may. anyone have/know of any rooms going around then? :heart:
  12. superman

    the shins

    on on saturday i saw a listing for the shins playing the ambassador on august 22nd but now its nowhere to be seen! it was on the front page gig announcements and in the listings. but now its disappeared!! :( anyone know anything about this?!?! :(
  13. superman

    the hollows/paul o'reilly/pat cannon/big monster love gig

    the hollows paul o'reilly pat cannon (coldspoons) big monster love band...
  14. superman

    Black Mountain....

    fucking ruled! .|..|
  15. superman


    i neeed a k-station! if anyone is selling one or knows of anyone selling one please pm me
  16. superman

    double-bass players?

    anyone know of any good double-bass players around dublin?
  17. superman

    drum machines

    can anyone recommend a good drum machine thats not too expensive?
  18. superman

    its nearly time for..........

    iron maiden!!! only 16 hours to go! anyone going to this? .|..| run to the hills! .|..| .|..| .|..| .|..|
  19. superman

    boss tuning pedal

    im planning to pick up a boss tuning pedal next week in town. was just wondering though if anyone is looking to sell theres? not too sure of the exact model but its the standard Boss Tuning pedal im looking to pick up. thanks paul