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  1. rettucs

    Little White Lies

    just told my boss that I have to leave at 3 to go collect a package, and that I'll do an hour or 2 from home later. lol
  2. rettucs

    Longitude 2019

    I think it's fuckkin disgrace there was no longitude 2019 thread. srsly anyway does anyone know if asap rocky is gonna play or not I heard he was in jail the prick
  3. rettucs

    Happy Birthday Hayworth

    meant to do this yesterday but I was out of sorts cos of those emojis. happy birthday for yesterday Hayworth.
  4. rettucs

    This Person Does Not Exist

  5. rettucs

    GIRLS NAMES split

    Girls Names have split up and I am sad. They were great.
  6. rettucs

    New Year's Resolutions

    I only have one; to stop liking tweets based on who tweeted (as opposed to what they said). Kinda dangerous liking tweets before you read them, these days.
  7. rettucs

    🎄 Happy Christmas Everyone 🎄

    happy christmas, pricks. Like, fuck christmas, but now it's here might as well enjoy the bastard.
  8. rettucs

    The Strypes broke up

    That's those 16-year old lads from Cavan I think. They play Electric Picnic every year at least 4 times. Probably wise. They won't have music to distract them from their leaving certs now. Never heard any of their songs. Think Mainline were their da's.
  9. rettucs

    Picture This

    these lads must be deadly. Just sold out 5 nights in the point. Presuming they have a massive back catologue. I've heard the 80s stuff is the best. Anyone got any recommendations of where to start. Seems daunting right now. Wonder if they're better than teh Wahtmans
  10. rettucs

    Thread of the Dead

    For the week that's in it, like
  11. rettucs

    Need a BlackGrape subforum

    that's the only place he's allowed post and that none of the rest of us have any access to
  12. rettucs

    Norman Records vinly(S) challenge

    Happy friday pricks Vinyl Album Challenge: Norman Records
  13. rettucs

    Comprehensive list of people who are not welcome in Ireland.

    The Pope that's it. Lock thread before Black Grape see it, @pete
  14. rettucs

    People Leaving Bands

    Gerard Love leaving Teenage Fanclub Gerard Love Is Leaving Teenage Fanclub he was the good one too
  15. rettucs

    People you thought were dead but are still alive

    until yesterday, Aretha Franklin. and Prince
  16. rettucs

    Who has more twitter followers?

    Ryan Adams Bryan Adams take a guess, then go look
  17. rettucs

    Rate all of their songs

    Future Islands - that one song they have - 6
  18. rettucs

    Things support acts say

    yeah, so, thanks for coming down early to see us
  19. rettucs

    New Animal Collective album in August

    Could have posted this in the '2018 Albums' thread but there's so much love for AC on here that I think it warrants it's own thread. August 17th is the date and it's audiovisual, meaning twice as much Animal Collective goodness for all. I know @Cornu Ammonis and @washingcattle (wherever the...