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  1. superman

    Happy Birthday, Scientician 0.8

    Happy Birthday Cormy <3
  2. superman

    Thumped album club

    i'd definitely be up for this!
  3. superman

    Happy Birthday to superman.

    i was initially very impressed with your memory - now i am not :)
  4. superman

    Happy Birthday to superman.

    thanks very much Thumped :-)
  5. superman

    Father John Misty

    the previous album Fear Fun is amazing! dying for the new album :)
  6. superman

    new Belle and Sebastian

    yea it doesn't flow like an album i guess - looking forward to checking out the new album..i've heard the first song and i really liked it
  7. superman

    new Belle and Sebastian

    thing about b&s is that those eps and single b-sides from the first few records are as good, some even better, than the album tracks stuff like legal man, jonathan david and i'm waking up to us were non-album singles and they're so good! the ep's are amazing too - i listen to this collection...
  8. superman

    new Belle and Sebastian

    cool thanks for that - was just wondering... for me everything up to push barman.. (especially this!) is class the life pursuit is a great record but i don't love it like the rest write about love was a bit meh haven't listened to the album they released last year of the b-sides/eps from the...
  9. superman

    new Belle and Sebastian

    haha :) just intrigued/nosy!
  10. superman

    new Belle and Sebastian

    i'm intrigued by this stalker business - anyone care to elaborate?
  11. superman

    Your Favourite Albums of All Time

    iron maiden - seventh son... mastodon - blood mountain join mitchell - hejira manic street preachers - the holy bible wildhearts - fishing for luckies rufus wainwright - want one tame impala - innerspeaker megadeth - rust in peace brand new - daisy damien dempsey - seize the day gillian...
  12. superman

    The Blatant Lie thread

    cool thread!
  13. superman

    When bands split up

    Chalets --> Tallulah does etc etc --> september girls : same old shit. Don't feel bad - just go see the next incarnation
  14. superman


    Ha that's deadly! Best I've heard from them in ages
  15. superman

    Recommend me Smog please

    butterflies drowned in wine! Supper is a class album! truth serum!
  16. superman

    Best Sepultura record with Max Cavalera

    they were always a band i found had too many songs on their records...chaos ad & roots would be amazing albums if you chopped off 3 or 4 songs. the 1-2-3 of arise, dead embryonic cells and desparate cry from Arise can't be beaten!
  17. superman

    Harsh Musical Truths

    it is absolutely ridiculous that the stone roses have a shane meadows-directed documentary about them, a movie based around their spike island gig coming out and have had hundreds of thousands of people worldwide wetting themselves with excitement that they've reformed....
  18. superman

    Harsh Musical Truths

    john lennons solo stuff is absolute rubbish. irish metal bands are derivative and unoriginal. kickstarter/fundit etc are absolute bullshit. i'm releasing jimmy savilles unreleased ska album on my own label in aug 2013.
  19. superman

    Appalling words

    totes magotes! (translation - totally) fucking hate it.. totes awky-momo! (translation - totally awkward moment) sounds like a type of sushi
  20. superman

    Appalling words

    panties - gives me the creeps whenever i hear someone say it *shudder*