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  1. kavanelli

    Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me

    Did anyone watch this on Sunday Night. Very interesting, as usual John Terry came across as a right Dick.
  2. kavanelli

    Teen Titan Go

    Been watching this with my son (4) it's great.
  3. kavanelli

    Converting from tape

    Someone has come to asking to convert an old tape from a Dictaphone. The tape is cassette is damaged and wont turn. It turns for a about a minute then stops. Is there anywhere what can convert these. Just want to send her there so she will stop asking me :-)
  4. kavanelli

    Google drive giving away 2GB free today

    Sign in today and update you security settings and they add 2GB to your account
  5. kavanelli

    Thumped and the Chain Smoking Monkey on RTE news again today

    RTE News have used the clip of someone downloading The Chain Smoking Monkey from again for the story on Xtra-Vision going in to Receivership. It's been a while.
  6. kavanelli

    Wilco - Wilco(The Album)

    On my Second listen to it now, I'm really enjoying it.
  7. kavanelli

    Taken in Citywest today

    The River Cafe in Citywest.
  8. kavanelli

    Paypal Question

    I don't have a Paypal account, but when I was buying something on the web the site I was buying from used paypal for the transaction. The item is out of stock and I have recieved an email from paypal saying i will be refunded. How long will this take to go back on to my credit card. And Why...
  9. kavanelli

    The fake Guinness Ad

    Anyone see the Fake Guinness ad that was in the papers today. Much a do about nothing
  10. kavanelli

    Last Day on Thumped as a single man

    Getting married tomorrow .|..|
  11. kavanelli

    Things the Grandchildren Should Know

    The Autobiography from the lad from the Eels, just finished it. Anyone else read it, its pretty good.
  12. kavanelli

    Decoder with free channels ???

    I have heard peoples talking about decoders that work on NTL which gives you all the sports station etc for free. Where can I get my hands on one of these?
  13. kavanelli

    Lens - Where and what to buy?

    I want to buy a new lens for my Canon. Where is a good place to buy? Is it better to buy online if so any good sites, or any good shop in Dublin I bought my last lens in the Dublin Camera Exchange on Georges St. I am looking for a Fixed lenght lens 20mm or 35mm. Should to stay with canon...
  14. kavanelli

    printing to canvas

    Print images to canvas can it done? is it hard? Is the anywhere it can be done?
  15. kavanelli

    Happy Birthday Sgt Peppers

    40 years today it was released
  16. kavanelli

    David O'Doherty

    Did anyone see the David O'Doherty thing on rte2 last night. Very funny the guy is daft as a brush. Him and his Stephen Roach !cheezy
  17. kavanelli


    Brian Wilson added to Oxegen Festival
  18. kavanelli

    Super Furry Animals to play new Irish festival

    Groove Armada and The Rapture also confirmed Super Furry Animals, Groove Armada and The Rapture have all been confirmed for a brand new Irish festival. Lovebox Weekender Dublin will take place at Malahide Castle in Dublin on May 21. Groove Armada will headline the three-stage event, and...
  19. kavanelli

    Best of Luck to Dudley and Barb

    Dudley, All the Best to you and Barb with your wedding this week. :heart: .|..| Al
  20. kavanelli

    MP3 fecked

    I in my half sleep stupid manner plugged the wrong changer into my iRiver and I have blown it. It now won't retain a charge and it over heats when charger in plugged in. It does power up when charger is plugged in for a short time. All my music is still on the hard drive. Is there anywhere...