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  1. mamul


    hey, could anyone recommend a decent motherboard for use with a quad core 2 extreme processor? looking for something that's not too dear, between 80-130. any ideas?
  2. mamul

    Eamonn Mac Thomais

    Any fans? I've just read Me Jewel and Darlin' Dublin and heard his narration over an episode of that old series Hands. Seems like an intesting dude. Old rebel. He was an editor of An Phoblacht and imprisoned for IRA membership! His other books any use?
  3. mamul

    Mayer Hawthorne & the County

    any fans? such a great song. weirdly, its made by a 29 year old white dude.
  4. mamul

    True Blood

    Anyone watching this? Thought those first two episodes where pretty good. Decent take on the whole vampire thang, nice southern flavour. Good to see E.B. Farnum and Frank Sobothka side by side, HBO thru the ages. Bit crap watching shows week by week tho', probably be better off waiting till...
  5. mamul

    The Funk Tread

    because its Monday Can't believe i spelt the title wrong, morto. Change it someone please
  6. mamul


    20 year anniversary. 20 years! shit i feel well old now. theres a day of old vids and clips and shit on mtv sweden here, dunno if its the same there peep it YouTube - 2pac Rare Freestyle
  7. mamul

    I just wanna kill a can
  8. mamul

    Jheri curls and Coochie sweaters

    heres a mix of some fine 90's tunes. some mixes tighter than others but the tracks are sharp. suit a nice summer blazing. eazy e - we want eazy dj quik- loked out hood special ed - i'm the magnificent dr dre feat snoop doggy dogg -...
  9. mamul

    want a pork chop?

    YouTube - DJ Jimi - Where They At (Bitch's Reply) insanest lyrics ever
  10. mamul

    Decent Blends

    been a while since i've heard a good blend, maybe its passe now. some faves over the past few years include and the caribou v's the pack one heard a cure and ugk one a while back that...
  11. mamul

    Flash as2 question

    yo, is it possible to use a keypress function with a button component? not a regular button now but a component? any help would be appreciated, head is melted on this one.
  12. mamul

    tonight's the night i get in some shit

    deep cover on the incognito tip!
  13. mamul

    Rare Record Value

    I have a quite rare lp, Apple-An Apple a Day, that sells for around $1500 in mint condition. My copy has a fairly worn sleeve and the vinyl itself is okay, not great, some wear and minor scratches. How much do you think it'd be worth in this state?
  14. mamul

    The Education of Sonny Carson

    anyone seen this? any use? my fave wu film samples are from this but i still haven't seen it. anyone got a link for it or a torrent or whatnot?
  15. mamul


    anyone got one? any brands to look for/avoid? thinking of getting one for the summer, a cruising one. how much would a decent enough one cost? looking at this birdhouse one on ebay, is it likely to be rubbish since its so cheap? its shorter than most other longboards i've seen too. the same...
  16. mamul

    Ata Kak

    Obaa sima Moma Yendodo everyone should hear this. its super. rest of the album is over at awesometapesfromafrica
  17. mamul

    App for converting rm to mp3/aiff/wav

    anyone got an app for converting something from this shitty format into something my ipod can play? can't find any on the warez boards and just demos on google
  18. mamul

    illustrator cs3 query

    maybe this is a dumb question but is it possible to remove the stroke from one path of an object while keeping the rest? like if i have a square can i keep the stroke on three sides? i thought i could use the pathfinder to work around this but it removes the stroke completely. anyone? i bet...
  19. mamul


    yo, can anyone hook me up with this? linky linky? can't find it anywhere and don't wanna spend $30 on it yet since i've just heard the one track, dirty love, which is awesome. the rest of the album might be pants tho'. holla!
  20. mamul

    wire s05 e09 spoilers thread

    well, the shit has hit the fan. great episode. it was a bit weird watching marlo freak. most animated hes ever been. was glad to see michael left unscathed, so far. what ya reckon hes fixing to do? that scene with snoop was great, one of the only times ya see her softening a little. and ole...