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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

    RE Stiff Records the second Rachel Sweet album has a bunch of bangers.
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    Some impressive cognitive dissonance in this thread.
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    The Uninhabitable Ireland
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    The Uninhabitable Ireland
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    The Uninhabitable Ireland
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    Happy Birthday, BlackGrape

    Ha sorry. Be great if you were better that you're not.
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    Happy Birthday, BlackGrape

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    Happy Birthday, BlackGrape

    Yep curry milkshake and all.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Are you addressing the promoters that don't post here in the hope they'll read your post?
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Fuck complaining about not knowing about gigs when you know exactly where to find info but refuse to look... :D
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    You'll get info on both those gigs in Bohs on the Irish Hardcore FB Group. 20th July Punks All Dayer: KARATE CLUB BENEFIT! Pozoga Native Mongrel Flashpoint Bar Tape Grief Eater Darc More Details TBC 17th August: All Ireland Hardcore Fest 2019 Bohs Bar, Phibsboro, Dublin Saturday, August...
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    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    I only know there's no K due to the confusion of a hard C in my name.
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    Happy Birthday, BlackGrape

    He pretty much told us in a thread that he was Grand Torino/Rowan Croft. Well hinted at..
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    Disturbance Fest: Girlschool, Wild Rocket and loads more Letterkenny

    20th July 2019 sees the inaugural hosting of the Disturbance Festival in No.58, Central Bar Letterkenny. In association with our sponsors Burrito Loco Following two years of successful gigs being run in No.58 venue, Disturbance are proud to present their first one-day festival event in the...
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    County? Country? British Education standards?
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    It's great for posting and looking at pictures of music gear.
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    Fontaines DC

    Yes just up from their college.
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    That Legacy is a beaut.