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  1. Jill Hives

    Primavera Sound vs Porto 2016

    Anyone going to either? I was thinking of trying Porto this year. Thoughts? Anyone one been to both?
  2. Jill Hives

    Food left on the stove or in the oven

    This seems to be a common thing here. Cooking dinner, leaving on the cooker in the pot to heat up the next day. Roasting meat, covering it with tin foil and that's that. Is this safe? It totally freaks me out and I want to put everything in the refrigerator.
  3. Jill Hives

    lamb recipes

    Does anyone have a good lamb recipe that will feed 10 people? Something more exciting than a normal roast but is not too complicated?
  4. Jill Hives

    Gross Food

    In fairness, I find lots of things super gross but why would anyone eat any of this? Stomach-churning foods from around the world | Travel | The Guardian
  5. Jill Hives


    Who has been? What can you tell me? I'm thinking it might be my next country to check out.
  6. Jill Hives

    Actors: Rate their films

    Philip Seymour Hoffman has been in a lot of shit films but his characters generally seem to be the shinning points for most. Leap of Faith 1992 -? (I didn’t realize he was in this film, now I need to watch it.) Scent of a Woman 1992 - 8 This is where I first noticed him and my crush began...
  7. Jill Hives

    The Funny

    Someone please bring it. I need it. Preferably in text form as I can't watch videos at work. Go!
  8. Jill Hives

    Songs you know all the words to but aren't sure why...

    This just was on the radio and I sang along without any hesitation. How do I even know the lyrics after all these years and without ever owning any of his music? Weird. Surely my brain could use this space for something more useful.
  9. Jill Hives

    On your playlist now

    Walking to work this morning with shuffle on and this popped up out of nowhere. Man, I miss the 90s. This is going on a new playlist/mix. What are you currently listening to? I need to mix it up a bit because I keep listening to the same few things these days. That's never healthy.
  10. Jill Hives

    Bike to Work (since you all love talking about bikes)

    Okay, I say I am going to do this every year but this time I mean it. I want a bike again since I have a place where I can bring it inside at night. Rothar is listed as one of the accepted retailers and I want a second hand bike (or a cheaper new one) so I was thinking I would go to them to see...
  11. Jill Hives

    Is it too early for a New Year Resolutions 2013 thread?

    Too bad, list them. I came up with one after an email exchange last night but it's pretty selfish. Make me a better person. Tell me yours so I can maybe copy them.
  12. Jill Hives

    What's your drink?

    I'm been trying to explore more drinks lately. Mostly mine consist of various red wines (usually peppery), water, blackcurrant and cappuccinos; I'm not very adventurous. Tried a Hendricks Gin & Tonic with ground black pepper and cucumber and it was incredibly good. It might be my 'new'...
  13. Jill Hives

    Country living...

    Okay, I am putting some serious thought into moving down the country in 2013. Where are good places to look that would be no more than an hour or hour 1/2 via train? I might go down to a four day work week too. Train commutes I don't mind because I can zone out, read or listen to music. Even...
  14. Jill Hives

    Please someone step in if I ... (far from cute lifestyles)

    ...start to lose the plot. Sweet mother of all holy hell!
  15. Jill Hives

    Shuggie Otis

    Anyone else going tonight?
  16. Jill Hives

    Macbook Sound

    Okay, I seem to have a similar problem here. Wondering does anyone know what the problem might be? When I click to play a song in itunes, it comes up but then doesn't play. Sound wise nor does it move as if it's playing. At this point, I'm sure I need a new computer soon as it's 7 years old but...
  17. Jill Hives

    The Twerps (Melbourne Band)

    Seems to be influenced by The Clean and The Tall Dwarfs. I hope they tour.
  18. Jill Hives

    Jinja Safari

    This Australian band just hit my radar. They kind of remind me of a mix of Edward Sharpe/Bon Iver/Vampire Weekend. I'm kinda digging them.
  19. Jill Hives

    Songs that you forgot you loved...

    I heard this song on two different movie soundtracks recently and had forgotten how much I love it.
  20. Jill Hives

    Bands That Passed You By

    I'm loading my ipod for my holiday and going through my itunes for things that I might want on there. I came across Doves. How is it I have 6 albums and could not for my life be able to name one of their songs? I can only assume someone gave me these albums, maybe after I lost my entire music...