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  1. mully

    Blade Runner 2049: Three prequels to watch before film

    You are welcome! Three New Prequels Get You Ready to Watch Blade Runner 2049: Watch Them Online, Then See the New Film on Friday | Open Culture
  2. mully

    New Jackson tune Is amazeballs

    Have I posted this in right place? Apollos if not but DAMN what a tune
  3. mully

    the hour of power some tunes to ease into ten bells tonight ;)
  4. mully

    radio time sufjan stevens on z radio now ye might like it :)
  5. mully

    reggy on the radio now its sunny its got to be reggy archive up an runnin if ye cant listen now man its hot
  6. mully

    mullys show on power now

    If your sittin in why not have a listen playin now a wee bit of plaid :cool:
  7. mully

    radio show

    Alrigfht lads and lasses I'm new on the forum and I hope we all get on famously I've a web show on in Ireland every Tuesday from 8 - 10 I play lots of music to suit all types so tune in If your not up to much peas and love mully