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  1. portrid

    Whirling Hall Of Knives - Seacht

    7th LP from WHOK self-released today on limited vinyl from Available here:
  2. portrid

    The Last Sound - Sun Forever

    From the album Rainbow Xplode on Osaka Records - pre-order here: Launch night June 8th, Twisted Pepper:
  3. portrid

    [Jun 8, 2013] Osaka presents The Last Sound 'Rainbow Xplode' album launch (Dublin)

    OSAKA presents: THE LAST SOUND - 'RAINBOW XPLODE' Album Launch with LAST DAYS OF 1984 + DJ Montezuma Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey St. Dublin 1. - Saturday June 8th €10 (FREE 7" to 1st x 30 people in the door) ******** THE LAST SOUND The Last Sound is Barry Murphy, with Bryan O'Connell...
  4. portrid

    Cloudland Canyon - Born Blonde 12" (Trensmat)

    Up for pre-order today. All-too-brief sound clips and way-too-long blurb here: Here's a crude visual of what the soundcloud player would look like were it embedded below...
  5. portrid

    New Herv cassette

    Herv-flavoured improv - on a limited hand-stamped cassette - Mineral Lamp: "...I began making melodic and percussive patches on the equipment and tried to make things that would be self sustaining with elements of randomness once they were set in motion but that were also governed by certain...
  6. portrid

    Whirling Hall Of Knives 20" album, out today

    Green Glow Bridge/Red Glow Bridge, the 4th WHOK album, is released today as a limited edition 2x10" vinyl set, available only from Champion Version: For a taster, watch the...
  7. portrid

    Salvaging audio from mp3?

    Supposing you lost all your original music files/wavs and all you had left was mp3 versions - is there any hope of converting them into useable/releasable material? I know you could maybe overdub some parts but any other tricks for boosting/expanding the audio or effectively "uncompressing" mp3...
  8. portrid

    Dead Fader - Corrupt My Examiner

    This has woken me right up this morning - highly recommended! Oh yeah, link:
  9. portrid

    Any daycent cartoons

    The constant peril Thomas and his friends seem to face has me on fucking edge the whole time, looking over my shoulder for the next avalanche or construction disaster. He won't watch Bod - owt else around?
  10. portrid

    Porcelain Minotaurs - Locust Halo

    Some news from above (well, Belfast). After years of freeness, Acroplane are asking the public to give something back with a line of paid releases to cover limo expenses etc. ACPR001: Porcelain Minotaurs - Locust Halo *NOW AVAILABLE* The 1st release in Acroplane Recordings' new line of...
  11. portrid

    ONE MORE UNIVERSE | Damo Suzuki Network - out now

    ONE MORE UNIVERSE | Damo Suzuki Network featuring Makoto Kawabata and Dublin Sound Carriers Paul Condon, Fergus Cullen, Barry Murphy and Bryan O'Connell This new audio CD from instant sound composer Damo Suzuki features Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) on guitar throughout. Dublin Sound...
  12. portrid

    Green Man ticket for sale

    Total long shot here... - on this Thursday. This ticket would suit a spontaneous person with a desire and ability to travel at short notice to Wales. Should be an oak-cellent festival, sob
  13. portrid

    Blame it on the kid

    Most over-used excuse to get out of social engagements such as hockey meets or coffee/Ann Summers mornings: "I'd love to go but, you know, the kid". Most of the time it's genuine though. I've missed about a squillion gigs, films etc over the last while. Must try harder to be a shit Dad.
  14. portrid

    Whirling Hall Of Knives - Electric Lava (Nute 003)

    WHIRLING HALL OF KNIVES ELECTRIC LAVA CDr LP NUTE RECORDS 06 MAR 2009 Whirling Hall Of Knives is a collaboration between Magnetize and The Last Sound. Collectively they have amassed some decades of experience in creating diverse, mostly electronic music under many guises and bring no little...
  15. portrid

    Prindle on Fox News

    Turn my back for 5 minutes and the guy is suddenly Eamon Dunphy!
  16. portrid

    Old men in cycling shorts shouting at you in a funny accent

    There were a bunch of flyers at the Nurse With Wound gig last month for Front 242 playing here in Feb - deadly wha?
  17. portrid

    The Last Sound - - - Ex-Relics EP - - - Free download

    Available from The Last Sound - Ex-Relics EP 1. Dig Dig/Exquisite Relics - 8.13 2. Peer Down - 3.52 3. Sealed In The Kaleido-well - 10.30
  18. portrid

    The Last Sound - - - Frieze

    The 4th album from The Last Sound was released last week. In tortuous development since 2002, some elements of it have been neglected and left out in the rain over the years. Frieze was finally abandoned nearly 2 years ago. A lot of it needs explaining. It has 7 tracks: 1. Nter/Bretagne...
  19. portrid

    Spiral Tribe tapes

    These are the holy grail of electronic dancing music to me. I got a few of them over '94/'95 and they blew my head off. The one below is one of the best (and darkest and evilist) things I've ever heard despite (or maybe because of) shitty sound quality and skipping records. Side A gets pretty...
  20. portrid

    Is there an Irish TV equivalent of UKNova?

    The thread title says everything I have to say