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  1. Anthony


    Hey, I'm looking for a couple of bands who'd be into playing for 30 minutes at a community festival type situation. During the day. Outside. I wanted to get local original young bands but sadly that's proving trickier than I thought. So I'm throwing it out there to the thumped community. I'll...
  2. Anthony

    Choice Music Prize 2018

    Is there a thread for 2018? Probably not. Anyway I just listened to the Point Of Everything Podcast where they talked about this year's 10 albums. Obvs I haven't heard any of them (sorry delos) but it was a good show. They hyped up Kojaque and his album Deli Daydreams. My boys like rap so we...
  3. Anthony

    The Academy

    A gig has just been announced that my son really wants to go to but it's in the Academy which is over 18s. He'll be 17 by then. Any experience with this? Do they check ID? He's 6'4"
  4. Anthony

    spotify playlist thing

    Afew years ago I did a show on Radioactive International. I've often thought about making playlists out of the shows. Anyway I finally did one. Freaks Show 01 spotify had all but 3 of the songs.
  5. Anthony

    Like There's No Tomorrow - LTNT2

    Hi, I've just put LTNT2 up on bandcamp. It's a sort of follow up to my Like There's No Tomorrow album I did way back. LTNT2 is just a two song "single". Two songs that weren't going to make it to the proper band, The Middle Ages. Does that mean they're no good? Maybe. But they can't all be...
  6. Anthony

    Congratulations to ChrisD (and wife!)

    On the birth of their twins! That's right twins! All the congratulations!
  7. Anthony

    The Middle Ages + Glimmermen / 31 May 2018

    A rare gig from both bands. The Middle Ages with Glimmermen. Last seen together at a midnight gig in Whelan's where absolutely nobody we knew turned up. Well everyone lost out that night. The Middle Ages busted out a special midnight cover of Radar Love. That's right, Radar Fucking Love. Well...
  8. Anthony

    Not Not / Titanic - The Middle Ages

    Yay, new music from The Middle Ages, that's regular posters @Anthony and @chris d with two other dudes. Thumped news post The Middle Ages - Not Not / Titanic - New Music - New video by Ian Lawton get it at Playing live With STOAT in Drogheda...
  9. Anthony

    The Middle Ages ....

    New single Not Not / Titanic out tonight after we do a (fuck) facebook live performance at 10pm GMT from out rehearsal space (if it is still standing, it's been a while since we were in there). Do tune in and say hi.
  10. Anthony

    Phoenix in The Olympia on Tuesday

    Any tickets going? Advice on how to blag in?
  11. Anthony

    For Sale Orange Micro Dark

    Hi, I'm selling my Micro Dark. I like this amp but it is surplus to my amp needs at the moment and I hardly use it. Here's the adverts ad... thumped rates apply Orange Micro Dark For Sale in Dunshaughlin, Meath from dogman
  12. Anthony

    TICKET FAIRY: Knower in the Sugar Club TONIGHT!

    I have a spare ticket for funk band KNOWER in the Sugar Club tonight. It is a late gig. I'm going so you'd meet me outside. The gig is SOLD OUT face value or less.
  13. Anthony

    Sold Ford Galaxy - Great band bus!

    I'm selling my 03 Ford Galaxy for half nothing. Mates rates available Ford Galaxy Ghia for sale in Meath on DoneDeal
  14. Anthony

    The Middle Ages : NEW SINGLE - TOMORROW

    The Middle Ages drop a new single, 2 songs, tomorrow. Head over to our bandcamp page tomorrow and behold Disappointing Cafe and Thus Follows, two more instant classics from The Middle Ages' expanding catalogue of instant classics. Disappointing Cafe is self explanatory, no metaphors here. The...
  15. Anthony

    Epic set from The Middle Ages this Saturday

    The Middle Ages play Hanna's in Navan this Saturday. We will be playing two unique sets. We will play for two hours. THAT'S NEARLY 30 QUALITY ORIGINAL ROCK SONGS. Free admission. The Middle Ages are better than your band. All of your bands!
  16. Anthony

    Songs that are all about the chorus.

    The other day I finally heard all of the Hozier hit Take Me To Church and was very taken aback by how dull everything in this song is except the chorus. Still those few bars made the song a mega hit for him. I've always thought Slipknot's Duality has the same deal. Great chorus but completely...
  17. Anthony

    LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem are popular in these parts. James Murphy is a guest on the most recent podcast The Best Show. I'm only half way through so far but it seems like an interview you wouldn't get in most places....
  18. Anthony


    I have a kit and interest. I used to play drums in Omelette and would love to do something like that again. Is there anyone getting anything together? Skill level would be on the low side.
  19. Anthony

    Bike for 8 year old +

    My lad is selling his bike. He outgrew it and got a BMX. Thumped rates for mates Bike for 10 yr old, perfect, like new for sale in Meath on DoneDeal
  20. Anthony

    windows problem

    My son has his message when he tries to log into Windows 10. I'm no help with the pc, what is this, apart from being upside down that is?