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    Mexican Fender Tele for sale/+ Tuna Melt tremelo

    Metallic olive green Mexian Fender Telecaster guitar for sale - €300 Serial number MZ3103325 Couple small dings & jack input needs tightening but overall in great condition, and plays with lovely tone. Will throw in free Fender vintage tweed strap...
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    Synth lovers looking for pet project? Free Korg X5 to good home!

    Hey folks, I've an old Korg X5 that has died and I'm looking to off load her basically cos she's taking up too much space and I also know I'll never get around to getting it fixed. It's about 10 years old, and I don't know if Korg even make them anymore! No idea why it died but it was gigged a...
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    TV/Music royalty rate question - help?!

    Howdy! Have to find out how much IMRO pays for music on an Irish TV ad (is it per minute?). I know to call them and ask but I need to know in the next few hours if possible and they ain't open at this time! Does anyone at all know what the rate is? Any help would be mucho appreciated!!
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    Free download!!

    Hey Ya'll The Dagger Lees have been confirmed for HWCH 2008 and the peeps over there are running a competition for the bands playing through a download chart – We will love you long time if you would pay a visit to to download our track...
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    Green Card Lottery

    Hey kids, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere... ...have any of yous ever entered the lottery for the US green card? If so, did you hear anything positive back - or know anyone who got in that way? Is it all a big spoof? Cheerso!!
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    Job for graphic designer...logo!!!

    Howdy. (Sorry have this already up in Publishing thread but don't know how much traffic it gets...and it's an emergency!!) I've a logo design job for any designers out there interested in band logos/album artwork. PM if you be interested. Cheers!! D
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    Job for graphic designer...logo!!!

    Howdy. I've a logo design job for any designers out there interested in band logos/album artwork. PM if you be interested. Cheers!! D
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    The Iron Man

    Apologies if this has is a thread elsewhere..couldn't see it so.. ..went to see The Iron Man yesterday after being told it was going to be rubbish. Thought it was Fan-fu-ckin-tastic!! Robert Downey is a legend. Script was witty, fast moving, CGI was seamless and really impressive. Lots of...
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    Saturday night's alright for FIGHTIN!!!!

    Hey folks! We're playing Crawdaddy this Saturday night with special guests the fantastic Dae Kim from Waterford and the very charming Howling Lord from the UK. We hope you can join us! Howling Lord is a one man band, reminiscent of early Marc Bolan (had he sang, played drums and guitar at...
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    Hayworth/Jane? Visa Question for the Americans in Ireland

    Not sure if this should be in Travel section instead but... I've a question for the Amercian ladies (and gentlemen) living here...wondering can you help me with something? I'm trying to find out what the situation is for an American looking to stay here for a short period of time. I'm going out...
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    Stagger Lee do London...!!

    Stagger Lee hit London tomorrow night..yes that's THIS Friday 14th at the Cross Kings (in, would you believe it..Kings Cross) and the following night at Gypsy Hotel Club in Barden's Boudoir/Stoke Newington - Saturday 15th March. Join us for whiskey, wine and TWO nights of full on rock’n’roll...
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    Detroit CITAYYYY

    Right so. Heading to Detroit/Michigan for 2 weeks at the end of the month - anyone ever been? Have any tips? Apperantly it's now officaily the most dangerous city in the US and you've a 1 in a 100 chance of getting shot, so that's sound. First stop...'Bullet proof vests R us' I've heard the...
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    Pet names and the Birds and the Bees

    So, wise parents of thumped... Inspired by the 'telling your kids the truth about death' topic in another thread I'm wondering when is a good age to tell your child about the birds and the bees? What age where you when you found out? I was about 8 when my friends older brother told us in the...
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    Stagger Lee/Queen Kong this Thurs, LadyFlash CLub, Kennedys!!

    'LADYFLASH' RE-LAUNCH PARTY KENNEDY'S UNDERGROUND THURSDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 2008 Featuring live sets from QUEEN KONG (Single Launch Party) + STAGGER LEE + DJ set from SINÉAD NÍ MHÓRDHA (Phantom 105.2/Chicks On Decks) Doors: 10pm Kindly sponsored by Sol Ladyflash re-launches its highly...
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    Von Bondies after show party - Sunday 17th Feb

    Von Bondies after show party - Sunday 17th Feb Downstairs in Thomas Reeds Freeeee in 11.30pm-2am DJ sets by The Von Bondies Stagger Lee The Things
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    Bookings for Doran's

    Hey...anyone got a name/contact details for whoever is the booker for Doran's these days? Please and thank you! D
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    Dates in 2008

    Yeooow! Upcoming dates for Stagger Lee: Fri 11th Jan: Stomping Ground Club presents: Stagger Lee/ Spellbound/ Revellions/ Primitevo (Club has newly moved from Voodoo to The Button Factory, Temple Bar) Sat 12th Jan: A night of music in memory of...
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    Stagger Lee play Button Factory tonight

    Hey ya'll Stagger Lee play a headline show in the Button Factory (Temple Bar Music Centre) tonight. With support from The Distractors and Martellos. Doors 8pm. More info: "...this is some good old style sixties sleazy garage rock, sounds like some...
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    Win a Wii..closing date tomorrow

    Hey y'all... My site is running a comp with a load of Nintendo Wiis for grabs...closes tomorrow for anyone interested:
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    Nick Cave Acoustic Nightmares tonight in Village

    Huzzzzah. Me and Grum (Stagger Lee) are doing a few stripped down versions of our own tunes and some Nick Cave covers (from Let Love In Album) tonight in the Village as part of the Acoustic Nightmares series....also on stage Mighty Stef and Dylan Walsh. Kicks off around 10 bells and is free in...