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  1. jonah

    (MARCH 22) NachtUndNebel, Blackcloudsummoner, Luxury Mollusc, Otterans @ JIGSAW, Dublin

    Fungal Flute present a night of Experimental Noise, Drone, and lo-fi Mysticism. Second date of an Ireland/ UK tour. From harsh noise, to synth drone, meditative occult ambient to pummeling industrial terror, there will be something to cater for everyone with a taste for ugly audio...
  2. jonah

    Irish Noise Zine #1 Looking for Submissions

    FYI a project I'm working on... I haven't thought of a name yet. Bag of m&ms to whoever comes up with a good one.
  3. jonah

    Sharon Van Etten

    How is there no thread? I'm very excited for tomorrow.. even if I am going with @scutter; bonus lovely bruce cover
  4. jonah

    Miscellaneous Articles You Should Read

    I've got a lot more time in work, and digging around on spotify only entertains you for a while. As a result I'm constantly on the lookout for decent articles and features worth reading. If anyone comes across anything interesting they read, post em here!!!! I read this this morning on rookie...
  5. jonah

    Accommodation Sharing If anyone knows anybody that would like to rent a single room in D7 for 400pm

    then please get in touch :) we have such a lovely new gaff, but need someone to take the single room. Its not a box room, its medium, has wooden floors, new furniture and could fit a small desk too! person would be living with two awesome girls, one of whom is me :) we'd be looking for someone...
  6. jonah

    What is your favourite ABBA single?

    I dunno why
  7. jonah

    Buying second hand cameras?

    Anyone got any tips/places to buy second hand film SLRs? I'm looking for a Nikon FE or a Canon AE-1.
  8. jonah

    Tell me a joke thread

    I couldn't find a thread for this and I LOVE JOKES. How many ears does Captain Kirk have? Three! A left ear, a right ear, and a final front-ear.
  9. jonah

    So Ridley Scott's a racist now, gee great

    Anyone been following the controversy surrounding the new Exodus movie by Ridley Scott? I'm probably way behind the wave. Moses is going to be played by Christian Bale, and Ramses by Joel Edgerton. Basically in fake tan and eyeliner, essentially doing yellow face, while pretty much the only...
  10. jonah

    Second hand rugs in Dublin?

    Anyone got any tips on where I could get a nice/non ugly rug in dublin, second hand? I really wanted a 5x7 or bigger Persian rug for my room as its pretty big and there's a lot of plain floorspace.
  11. jonah

    Illustration / Drawing for Adults

    Has anyone ever taken a class on illustration for adults, or found any workshops/courses that are worthwhile in Dublin? Finding anything online is proving pretty difficult, and I'm really just looking for something to do on a weekly basis - any ideas?
  12. jonah

    Girl seeking room

    I didn't even know there was an accommodation thread, but thumped seems to help with all of my queries and issues when they're pertinent so... I'm basically just looking for somewhere to live in Dublin. Area is realtively flexible. I work in Blackrock and would like to be able to get to work...
  13. jonah


    Hey folks, Basically, I need a female that is based in Cork (not imperative but since I need to meet them in Cork tomorrow this will help), available from tomorrow lunchtime til about 4.30pm that is interested in contributing to a 15 minute tv segment about WOMEN'S LIFESTYLE. Obviously people...
  14. jonah

    Technologically stunted, require help with massive bag of crap laptop?

    This is probably a completely basic problem, but my nerd credentials are firmly banked in other trades, so I was hoping someone could help me. Ok bought a Toshbia laptop 12 days ago and after one day I had to return it because the computer wouldn't boot at all. Anyway, I was given a...
  15. jonah


    Has anyone ever been? I'm moving there in October, at least for a few months - anyone have any tips on work/renting/having fun? Ideally in Taichung, both of my brothers live there.
  16. jonah

    Bad Salad - Feminist website seeks contributors, GSOH, own appendages preferred.

    I've started a little, wee feminist blog with a few friends. Mostly because we're all post-graduates now working as desk jockets and need something to do... I was just posting in case anyone had any interesting articles they might like to write for us. I know its, er, predominantly male here...
  17. jonah

    136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles Happy Halloween everyone!
  18. jonah

    Minor Compliments Thread

    To counteract the venom of the complaints thread. Raise us UP!
  19. jonah

    Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' being made into a 6 Series for HBO

    I about pissed myself as this is my favourite book. Not sure how this is going to work but I'm bloody excited all the same. Thoughts? "Here's some good news for those readers upset that the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman stalled out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom...
  20. jonah


    There was another thread on this, but since it was over 730 days old I couldn't post on it, so. I was wondering if there were any other epileptically knowledgeable people out there who could help me out some. I've been having a lot of - probably unavoidable - trouble with recovering from...