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    Comment by 'wayfrmaine' in media 'Girl Band - Baloo (Rough Trade Session)'

    very creative! I like the way everything doubles as instruments and percussion. Reminds me of David Thomas (Pere Ubu) vocals if his were mixed thick like in this video. Dirty yellow guitar is great and playing slow drum beats in time is not easy. Great job and video!
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    Comment by 'wayfrmaine' in media 'Winters Last Fire - Loner Deluxe'

    theatrical, interesting music and the video is great as well
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    Comment by 'wayfrmaine' in media 'Ciara O'Neill - Ghosts'

    gentle melody and I really like the tin can drum sound
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    Comment by 'wayfrmaine' in media 'Slomatics - Electric Breath'

    Repetitively refreshing...
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    Comment by 'wayfrmaine' in media 'Hilary Woods - Bathing'

    Theatrical, minimal, ambient and very soothing. Enjoyable... Thanks!
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    Recording Studio

    Thank you both very much for the information. Wayne
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    Recording Studio

    I was not sure which forum to post this in. I think the Making Stuff forum should add a forum for recording studios. One where a person can get info on equipment, advice and suggestions like in the Home Recording. I am looking to find a recording studio which allows one to bring in thier own...