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    Accommodation Sharing City centre rehearsal space

    Hi Folks, Slots available in Fred Lane basement. Secure city centre space. Wednesday and Thursday evenings free. Pm for details
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    Rehearsal Space available

    Hi all, Spaces available in Fred Lane rehearsal space. City Centre, secure, cheap. Residencies and one-offs available. PM for details. Cheers, Allen
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    Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - new album, new lineup

    Hi folks, A teaser for the new guitar orchestra record, details of new band line up, and details of Airwaves Iceland gig.
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    Pedals for sale

    Yep, VT1, not 10. All sold now
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    Pedals for sale

    Hi all, Flogging some old pedals that I never use these days. Dublin City Centre pickup Boss SD-1 overdrive €30 Boss GE-& eq €30 Boss BF-2 Flanger €30 Marhsall VR-10 Vibra Trem €30 Behringer pedal tuner TU300 €5 Behringer AB100 line selector €10
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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

    Hawt thread everyone!
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    Guitar case repair

    Cool, just checked there, ~ 20 euro per clasp, sound!
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    Guitar case repair

    Cheers for the heads up. They'll cover the cost of repair so happy enough :)
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    Guitar case repair

    Had my jag hard case forced open by airport security and damaged. Anyone know anywhere that would do guitar case repairs?
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    Happy Birthday Unclealo!

    Thanks pals!
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    :Hounds: - Spacemad

    That was actually a :Hounds: tooth jacket
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    :HOUNDS: Album Launch / 30th December / Whelans Upstairs

    Totally excirah so I am