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    Popical Island #2 launch, June 25, [email protected]'s

    I was thinking of you all and wishing i was there while i was dressed in spandex and make-up, playing so what by pink, followed by firework by katy perry, which went into a nice little segueway of price tag. if mike stevens tried to 'surf' me, i would've given everybody a good laugh by (insert...
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    Mr Drums

    oooooh, what are you getting, joss?
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    Uncool music you love

    here goes:
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    Happy Birthday snakybus

    happy stuff cockface!
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    noisy fuckers, drummers :)
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    about the sound, the lower deck have upper their game and brought in better equipment so there's a serious improvement.
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    probably up there with my missus!
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    People Who Died

    aaaahhhhhh fuck!
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    Worst Gig Ever

    oh wait, there's one worse than that. babes in toyland in vicar st (the venue at the front. forget the name) supported by an excellent les savy fav who pissed all over the headline act.
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    Worst Gig Ever

    liars, whelans, late 2005 i think. bloody awful.
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    Ballroom #98: Marvin (AfricanTape records, France) Sat May 15th, The Lower Deck

    hey al, i can actually go to this! woo hoo!
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    jaysis, those clampers make me paranoid. Years ago my landlord was clamped outside the house i was renting from him i.e. his fucking house! he was fixing the shower, therefore had a van full of tools, including an angle grinder. heh heh heh. I couldn't watch as I had to reset the transformer the...
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    Ballroom#95: Spook/ Mumblin' Deaf Ro/ Groom/ Owensie

    yeah, he was even louder than me. I mean, I'm all for loud music, especially if its sepultura's biotech is godzilla, which is what i would play if i were given the dj slot. and pantera's 'primal concrete sledge'. oh yeah! and peter gabriel's 'sledgehammer' oh oh oh and 'head over heels'. I'd...
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    hardware cases

    or see what xmusic have. they're out by the red cow hotel. google map it. or you could go to blackrock in dundalk. there's a great music shop there. (and a newsagent, and a fish and chip ship!) forget what its called though.
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    hardware cases

    howaya eoghan, hadrcase are a great buy. a proper brand. I use a larger one for all my hardware. it rocks, and can stand up to a load of abuse. i think millenium is the 'budget' thomann brand. their stuff doesn't seem to last.