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    Film chat

    Saw Glass recently in the cinema. That was entertaining. On a David Cronenberg buzz at the moment.
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    You know you're getting old....

    I know I'm getting old as I can't drink more than 2 pints casually these days. A few years back, I would drink at least 6, sometimes 10.
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    Minor Pleasures

    Minor pleasures you say? BPM focus, Monster Original or Monster Ultra Voilet. Chips from a chipper and garlic sauce. Video games for the NES. And Lynyrd Skynard.
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    Minor complaints thread

    Not really discovering new music appealing to my ears on Spotify lately. Finding some again on Youtube.
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Videodrome! Good fun!
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    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    Playing a gig in The Underground venue tonight beneath Peader Kearney's on Dame street. 2 hour set of mostly classic rock and blues. If anyone is out and about in town tonight for a beer. Feel free to drop in.