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    Horrifically Bad Music

    Wigga puhleez, Compton is a state of mind.
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    Is Night Boat To Cairo the best song ever written?

    Probably not in a world in which One Step Beyond exists.
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    MBV Gigs

    Looks like I'm going next monday in London. Willa rrive in London at 7pm. Better not be any delays!
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    For Sale: 2x tix MBV

    I need to sell some tickets for MBV for the 23rd (second set of gigs) in the Roundhouse as I've got to go to stupid Brussels for stupid work. I'd hoped to make a weekend of it but now I'd have to get the Eurostar straight to Camden which would probably be too tight.
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    Mighty Boosh Tickets

    What was the story with these? I heard they were due to play but tickets weren't on sale and anytime I checked for tickets they are listed as not available (as opposed to sold out). So am I too late? I'd buy your friday tickets if you wanna just sell 'em.
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    Recently Purchased

    Boscoe - its jazz not the effin sock puppet that odler readers may still get the night terrors about.
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    (Ask nlgbbbblth) - My Weekly Bank Related Question

    Maybe they'll give me a credit note to use next time I (or a friend) is ordering from Wah Wah Records. Mmm Dave Davani & Staff Carpenborg reissues.
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    (Ask nlgbbbblth) - My Weekly Bank Related Question

    Dear nlgbbbblth I transferred some money to a record company in Spain, annoyingly I'd forgotten the exact amount but couldn't be arse coming back and queuing another day so guessed and as it happens I overpaid by about €2. Any obvious sollution? No biggie though. Ta
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    Recently Purchased

    Terry Callier's "What Colour Is Love" on Cadet turned up last time. reasonably ebay purchase, "only" about £50. Bit of a scratch but not on the best tracks so that's ok. Been after that one for a while. Also some pics of stuff I got at the anseo record fair on Sunday. Dunno who the Too Pure...
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    Old magazines

    Some charity shops might have use for them.
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    Record Fair/exchange

    Dead Kennedies my ass, don't believe his lies - its really a copy of this classic:,,170339,00.html contains my favourite 80's slap bass solo of all time.
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    Record Fair/exchange

    If there's only gonna be a few people here then the important question is what kind of records are people after? I've more on my out pile than I can probably easily bring. Other than good ones, don't ask for those. Actually I have some decent spare 45s wher eI was bididng on multiple copies...
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    Record Fair/exchange

    I disappear but now I am here! I'll be along. Can get a lift and bring some tunes didispose of.
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    Scott Walker

    I recently got a copy but am waiting to get my new turntable up and running.