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    Skaggy Potions presents CRYSTAL FUCK WOLF

    i think Aidswank have been touring... They got some shirts made up
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    TELEPATHE ( Usa, IAMSOUND / Skinny Wolves ) w/ Guests - Whelans, Sat 14th August

    i think one of their keyboards went wonky so they had to cut some songs.
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    Using a Roland SP 404 live

    yeah, same here. but it's probably just cos i've been using a shitty behringer mixer, makes some of the samples sound really thinny and dips the volume a bit, etc
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    Non Torrent Movie Downloads

    thanks boys
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    Non Torrent Movie Downloads

    Can't use torrents, so where might be best to get some downloads links to some movies via mediafire, megaupload links, etc iPod quality movie files would be fine ie. heres a link to Beautiful Losers : thanks
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    av artist required to work with band for live visuals

    just slap in the AF Joker and we're ready to roll...
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    clearing samples of spoken word

    thanks stephen
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    clearing samples of spoken word

    anyone know much about clearing samples of spoken word for use on a release? the sample in question is just a couple of seconds, but its probably pretty recognizable, just want to know the legality of it all, or even if it would be an issue seeing as its so short... thanks
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    rome and naples in november - cold?

    Hey I'm in Rome for the next few days. Is there a website similar to thumped or whatever that might list stuff going on over the next while? gigs, music bars, etc? thanks.
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    Boss DM-2 vintage japanese analog delay

    selling the ps-3 by any chance?
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    Studios do a lot of voice over work. andrew from twinkranes works there.
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    Where are the best free tutorials online? This guy is great... Any others?
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    DEAF opening night Feat Soap & Skin & Alexander Tucker (thurs oct 22)

    thought he's been really great every time...
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    BLUES CONTROL (USA, Woodsist Records) & TROPA MACACA (POR) - Sept 4th

    What "Guests" are playing?
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    "get a me an swastika and i will show you"

    was the mask unveiled?