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    The Man In The High Castle Season 4

    Worth a watch? Myself and my Missus are in need of a good show for impending parenthood!
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    Happy Birthday, Scientician 0.8

    Happy Birthday Cormy <3
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    Thumped album club

    i'd definitely be up for this!
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    Happy Birthday to superman.

    i was initially very impressed with your memory - now i am not :)
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    Happy Birthday to superman.

    thanks very much Thumped :-)
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    Father John Misty

    the previous album Fear Fun is amazing! dying for the new album :)
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    new Belle and Sebastian

    yea it doesn't flow like an album i guess - looking forward to checking out the new album..i've heard the first song and i really liked it
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    new Belle and Sebastian

    thing about b&s is that those eps and single b-sides from the first few records are as good, some even better, than the album tracks stuff like legal man, jonathan david and i'm waking up to us were non-album singles and they're so good! the ep's are amazing too - i listen to this collection...
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    new Belle and Sebastian

    cool thanks for that - was just wondering... for me everything up to push barman.. (especially this!) is class the life pursuit is a great record but i don't love it like the rest write about love was a bit meh haven't listened to the album they released last year of the b-sides/eps from the...
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    new Belle and Sebastian

    haha :) just intrigued/nosy!
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    new Belle and Sebastian

    i'm intrigued by this stalker business - anyone care to elaborate?
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    Your Favourite Albums of All Time

    iron maiden - seventh son... mastodon - blood mountain join mitchell - hejira manic street preachers - the holy bible wildhearts - fishing for luckies rufus wainwright - want one tame impala - innerspeaker megadeth - rust in peace brand new - daisy damien dempsey - seize the day gillian...
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    The Blatant Lie thread

    cool thread!
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    When bands split up

    Chalets --> Tallulah does etc etc --> september girls : same old shit. Don't feel bad - just go see the next incarnation
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    Ha that's deadly! Best I've heard from them in ages