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    Return of the Living Thumped Disco

    Return of the Living Thumped Disco AIDS massacre Instead of coming up with a witty retort, penis-breath, I'll just come along with a bunch of clumsy, syringe-bearing H.I.Vers. That'll learn ye's. I'll be arriving in a puff of brimstone BTW - remember to stand clear.
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    Please make it so, Pete. I'm just so gosh darned Maybe I'll find love..... abroad... I'm outta here fuckwits - might smell y'all sometime soon if'n I c'n get myself connected - otherwise, till anon, peas & love, Schtoort
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    Not as bad as the cringe-fest that the Public Enemy gig in the red box turned out to be. Flava Flav's anti-brit ranting being totally ill-informed and making him come accross as a complete ass-wipe. Then he pulled out a tenner and started calling it "fucking british money" and held a lighter to...
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    1984 : wonky 1984 - YOU didn't look too bad yourself. Propping up the fag machine and rummaging for change in other people's pockets. I still can't believe you took SO much LSD and tried to break into the Gravity bar to remove its couplings and fly it up to three-rock to meet ALF and give him...
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    ATP: not fucking long now, wha'? Will somebody bring moisturising cream please? Thanks a bunch. Delicious little airplane brekkie to look forward to tomorrow! I fucking love those little blighters, I've already bagsed a pal's so that's at least 2 I'll be shoving down my fat hairy throat in...
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    I know a few poeple who were a little underwhelmed at the Icarus Line - expecting better that is.
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    I suggest

    We're talking the ghost of a robot then are we Snaky?
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    Who am I fucking kidding. Of course I'm going. Roll on 5am tomorrow. I love an early start. Tho 5 is a bit early for a wake-me-up hand shandy - might have to crack one off on the plane instead. And you know, If I face forward while I cum, my ejaculatory juices will technically be travelling...
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    Fuck this for a game of eels in the bath with your mates and the baby oil. it's 5:15 on wednesday 17th of april and I STILL DON'T KNOW if I'll be going or not. If I DON'T go, I'll still be paying for a flight and a ticket, but If I DO go I'm paying for those AND trains AND spending money AND...
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    Bands I'd like to see

    *Sob* the Buttholes were meant to be coming here shortly, but now they're not... *Sob* [Bring it on] I'd love to have seen Zappa, at any point in his career... [/Bring it on]
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    deadly joke.

    Why are elephants Big, Grey and Wrinkly? Cos if they were Small, White and Smooth they'd be aspirin.
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    gonna lean out of the bunker here....

    Personally, I come for the Shite and stay for the Music stuff. In fairness it's a breed of shite that's a cut or two above the rest, cram-packed with rapier wit and cut-throat satire; 'Pricks' for instance.
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    I uh, I... em, I'm paid to be a web designer/developer but this is what I do. Or did as it happens. I know for a fact that Pantone jacks off elderly amputee outpatients in John of Gods for a living.
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    gonna lean out of the bunker here....

    The kid has a point guys... seriously.
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    Just like old times...

    It's not that my trousers are tight you fat-kidneyed, bug-eyed, gorbellied, prick-teasing, pooper scoopin' sum'bitch.