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    LCD SOUNDSYSTEM tonight!

    Thank god for thumped, this seems to be the only place on the internet that has any record of the 2004 show. It was in Crawdaddy, not the red box. Anyway they were amazing tonight, even if they didn’t play losing my edge. The pricks. That’s my thumped quota for the decade, seeya.
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    Well tomorrow is Destiny Beta day. As well as me going to see that Big Star film and having a rake of pints.
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    Thursday night gayness making a comeback?
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    I don't think I've ever played a music CD through any of my consoles. Can see the need for streaming, though I'm not a filthy pirate like Brady so I don't miss that either. Would love GTAV on it, but I've still got the 360 under the TV so it's grand. Pretty much everyone who I played with...
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    Electric Picnic 2014

    Yep, them and Slowdive are the only two that would drag me out to it. If they both play the Sunday I'm in. Fuck all chance of that though.
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    Electric Picnic 2014

    When do they normally announce who is playing on what day?
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    what night for Xbox live gayness?

    So many happy memories.
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    Played BF4 for the last three hours without a single crash, I think they might have fixed it!
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    I wouldn't get too excited about Battlefield, it seems to be pretty broken at the moment. Tried to play it last Friday night for the first time - I think four out of six games crashed on me. It seems to be downloading another update tonight though so maybe that will fix it. Loving Resogun and...
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    Rocket From The Crypt This saturday! (Dec 7)

    Two hour set? Winner.
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    Album Of The Year 2013

    Still Mikal Cronin - MCII in our gaff. With honourable mentions to Hookworms, Factory Floor, Pissed Jeans, The Oh Sees, mbv, Fuzz and Deerhunter
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    I don't use DNLA as I'm not a filthy pirate.
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    Battlefield 4

    Yeah I'm holding out for the PS4 version too.
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    An Evening with The Blizzard Football Quarterly - Dublin Q&A

    Gutted that this is a 7PM start, new job with weird working hours means I won't be able to make it.