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    [May 20, 2017] Angel Olsen (Cork)

    Tim Darcy of Ought appearing as special guest.
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    Julia Jacklin - I Feel A Bit Unprepared

    'I feel a bit unprepared. I guess most people must' - Gary Meyler in conversation with Julia Jacklin Read the whole post here.
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    Carried By Waves - new album 'Resolute' out 22nd April

    The brand new album Resolute by Cork-based producer/musician Carried By Waves is out Friday, 22nd April 2016. Stream the album in its entirety over on the blog. Purchase the album from iTunes or from Friday. Listen to Resolute by Carried By Waves here
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    Booka Brass Band - We Wouldn't Say No To A Night Out

    'I was in the middle of a solo, eyes closed really getting into it. Then in walk two big American lads and the crowd parts…' - Gary Meyler talks to Paul Kiernan of the Booka Brass Band ahead of their sold out Cork Opera House show Continue reading...
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    [Oct 9, 2015] The G-Man presents...Marisa Anderson (Cork)

    Tickets here - The G-Man presents...Marisa Anderson (Mississippi Records)
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    [Oct 9, 2015] The G-Man presents...Marisa Anderson (Cork)

    Marisa Anderson Walking across America at 19 years old just might be one of the reasons why Marisa Anderson's music is so fluid with folk, blues and country, en-capturing this restless soul. A fluid, emotional and dexterous guitar style inspired by Delta blues, West African guitar, Appalachian...
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    [Oct 30, 2015] The Jimmy Cake (Dolan's (Upstairs))

    Is this still 19th Sept? Dolans have it as 30th October but all other listings have it as 19th Sept still so not sure if it's changed.
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    [Sep 11, 2015] The G-Man presents...August Wells (Cork)

    August Wells performing 'Here In The Wild' on Other Voices.
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    [Jun 18, 2015] Circuit Des Yeux (Cork)

    Haley Fohr’s music strikes a unique balance between the personal and universal. As Circuit des Yeux she creates music that embodies the complexity of human emotions, juxtaposing tenderness and grief, ecstasy and horror, using sounds as representations of the emotional spectrum that we all...
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    [Dec 2, 2014] The G-Man presents...John Blek (Wexford)

    The G-Man Candlelight John Blek (solo) with special guests The Sky & The Ground 112 South Main Street, Wexford Tuesday 2nd December 9pm FREE John Blek hits the Irish roads to introduce some new-born songs from solo record 'Cutting Room Floor' to fans around the country. The Sky...
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    [Dec 10, 2014] The G-Man presents...This Is The Kit (Cork)

    Poster by Pretty Handsome Studio.
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    [Dec 10, 2014] The G-Man presents...This Is The Kit (Cork)

    The G-Man presents... This Is The Kit with special guests Coughlan's Douglas Street, Cork Wednesday 10th December 9.30pm €12 Returning to these shores for the first time since appearing on RTE's Other Voices and supporting The National in The O2, the wonderful This Is The Kit bring their...