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    Happy Birthday, sparse

    Ha! I'll never live it down.
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    Stupidly good guitar playing

    Finger tapping! It's been a while.
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    Don't think I've ever knowingly played through a Fane speaker. Is there a stand out model?
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    IMHO speakers are probably one of the most important variables in getting a good tone. As always Johan Segeborn has all the answers, although this video is only about Celestions.
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    I think I'm coming round to the stratocaster

    That Noventa series looks pretty cool. The one pickup tele rings my bell.
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    Cheers, I got a socket about 2 years ago but still haven't fitted it. You're totally right about the DI. It only works on clean. Mic'd for heavy sounds.
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    Laney LC15R combo w/ Celestion Greenback The following are not working: Marshall JMP 50w head (needs new tubes) Peavey Mace Combo (needs a fuse socket) Marmac XJ60 head (nearly working) Marmac 140H head (definitely not working) Session Sessionette 75 (Not working) Poker combo Londoner L100A...
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    The times I've played bass I've often wondered what the point of bringing an amp was. Mostly it was D.I.'d and not mic'd and the amp was turned down so low that the room was getting whatever the soundman wanted. Also one of my first demo recording sessions the bass was just put straight into the...
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    Bargains someone should buy.

    Peavey T60 - €500 - Cork I'd be all over this if I had the cash. EGC have been know to produce bolt on Aluminum necks for them.
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    The guitar dater project

    I don't have any of those brands!
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    Baum Guitars

    Yes, certainly not cheap but their custom made guitars are about €4.5k
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    Baum Guitars

    Baum guitars are handmade in Denmark and they are absolutely beautiful. A custom one costs stupid money but they are just about to launch their Korean made Original Series. They're doing a limited run / early sign up discount (before Friday) for anyone that's interested. Baum Guitars | Sign-up...
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    Girls with Guitars

    I totally agree and I started it! I'm so embarrassed. The original reason it was started was highlighting the rather strange practice of photoshopping guitars, that were available to buy on ebay, on to glamour models but it's taken a turn that I'm not comfortable with. I've done this a few...
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    hanging guitars on wall -

    You were not wrong and you most likely are a sad middle age centrist dad BUT they do look nice and it is good to have them to hand. The problem is that to others a guitar sitting unused on the walls, especially owned by a Dad, raises the question of how often does it get used? Most people will...
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