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    Drawing A Crowd

    here you go man, just do it in MS Paint
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    Would've been great if, when he saw Black Rod, John Bercow had launched into "Hey hey Mama, said the way move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove."
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    The Last Battle of Moytura

    Amazing, will definitely get this as I'm actually from just beside Moytura (and also because it looks deadly). Is this a mate of yours wrote this @therealjohnny ?
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    Iveagh gardens gigs - food?

    Great thread
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    Quotes from your child

    "What's an erection? Seriously, nobody will tell me." Me: "ThatroominthereisaamessgotidyitNOW."
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    Quotes from your child

    Singing to TMBG: "Take me back to Constantinocchio".
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    Quotes from your child

    "I like dry mud 90%, but I like wet mud 100%"
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    You know you're getting old....

    At least one set of parents in my kids' school were in PRIMARY SCHOOL when my first kid was born, i.e., they're far closer in age to her than to me. When I was getting the (smaller) kids to cross the road all at the same time, the dad said "Okay", as if I was including him as one of the kids.
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    You know you're getting old....

    As you might say, jaykers. I'd like to say I don't know any abusers but received wisdom suggests I do and don't know it. I do know at least two abused. Both guys, as it happens.
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Check out all the indie dudes who wanna see High Life, ye dirty yokes. I know what you're after. (i want to see it too)
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    Anyone want to put on an all-female Fall karaoke band in Dublin?

    Will DM you "scrapper" stano's email, @Lolo.
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    A shitzu, lads. C'mon.
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    As a profession, truckers are second only to sailors in terms of counts of STIs. Not sure how I know that. Anyway, watch yourself, Go (and have a good time).
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    Hey Egg, write a Stoat song called Prick in My Book. I'd listen to it.
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    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    deadly, thanks!