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    General election 2020

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    General election 2020

    I'm sick of the chatter already. Talking-about-politics is the talking-about-bands for grownups, and just as pointless, possibly even more.
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    Android people

    All these moments will be lost in time. Like tears in rain.
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    2019 albums worth a listen.....

    Second that A Lazarus Soul record. Also really enjoying hte new Maija Sofia album.
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    Tickets For Sale The Mountain Goats, Dublin, 20th November

    I've a ticket for this for sale here if anyone's interested: Twickets: Fan-to-Fan Face Value Ticket Resale
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    I have the horn for...

    Imagine how he feels! Bristly. j/k btw
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    I have the horn for...

    less talking more horns, pricks horns don't stop in middle age Egg and his shaved balls are testament to that
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    Drawing A Crowd

    here you go man, just do it in MS Paint
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    Would've been great if, when he saw Black Rod, John Bercow had launched into "Hey hey Mama, said the way move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove."
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    The Last Battle of Moytura

    Amazing, will definitely get this as I'm actually from just beside Moytura (and also because it looks deadly). Is this a mate of yours wrote this @therealjohnny ?
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    Iveagh gardens gigs - food?

    Great thread
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    Quotes from your child

    "What's an erection? Seriously, nobody will tell me." Me: "ThatroominthereisaamessgotidyitNOW."
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    Quotes from your child

    Singing to TMBG: "Take me back to Constantinocchio".
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    Quotes from your child

    "I like dry mud 90%, but I like wet mud 100%"