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    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    I never got in to him (excuse the double entendre). It's time like this I'm lucky that there's loads of music I missed out on over the last 2 decades or so.
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    New Weezer

    If they played here again I'd probably go see them. Their last gig in the Point was fantastic.
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    New Weezer

    I made it as far as the red album. And a lot of that was pretty ropey. I did enjoy the covers album. Rivers still has a great voice.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    That's lovely.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    Will do. Still not fully used to hearing myself singing.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    Sound, thanks Gaz. I'm from the midlands too so maybe that's why we sound similar. Sure, I'll keep plugging away at it.
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    I'm trying to do this thing where I record 1 track a week for the next year (originals, covers, whatever) as way of encouraging myself to finish out a bunch of ideas that I've started on and never done anything with. Here's 2 of them. It's just me and a guitar after the kids have gone to bed and...
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    treble post
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    double post
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    2019 albums worth a listen.....

    Been listening to this a bit over the last few days. It's deadly.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Fuck I want to go. God knows when I'll get to see them again.
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    The Academy

    I'm 5'6" and hardly ever get asked for id if that helps.
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    I finally bought it, it’s fucking sweet
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    What was it like seeing Batman in theaters in 1989?

    That’s because it was
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    Comments sections on news sites

    Thumped's different though.