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    Aphex Twin

    has anyone heard if he doing any other gigs while he's over for the forbidden fruit festival?
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    The Sea and Cake appreciation thread

    weird how everyone is naming oui and the fawn, theyre their two least fave albums of mine the joys of aural perception inn keeping off the new record is sublime they are playing london this summer, think i'll head over for it
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    I'm going completely insane

    I wouldnt get too worried about it dude if you fail just put that you got it on your CV thats what I did and nobody is the wiser
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    Caribou. Dublin, Thursday December 9

    where were they selling that ? i didnt see any merchy stall fuck wank poxy pox
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    The Redneck Manifesto & Black Triangle, 1st Dec, The Button Factory. TOMORROW!!!

    they played 4 or 5 old heavy songs they don't play so much any more loads of taxis around after the gig, i got one as soon as i tried to hail one
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    Last copies of Anodyne remix 12" Autechre,The Black Dog & Lackluster Remixes..

    i still havent recieved my ones yet, have you sent them keith?
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    Electric Picnic 2010 Lineup Details

    I read Hunter Gatherer and Patrick Kelleher were playing does this mean they are definitely not playing Deaglan ? or are there a few more acts to be announced
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    submersible machines ep (lunar disko records)

    do you have any copies of the dj overdose record left lunar d ?
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    submersible machines ep (lunar disko records)

    pox attack what a record none on discogs none on ebay none in the shops in dublin anyone with a spare copy lookng for any records let me know ? i might have something you'll want to swap for it maybe i'll try old submercy himself
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    submersible machines ep (lunar disko records)

    not sure how i managed to miss this does anyone know where i can a copy of the vinyl ?
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    Road Records farewell party!!! friday august 27. Button factory

    are tickets on sale for this yet ?
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    Autechre, Anodyne + Rob Hall. This Friday! (April 23)

    is this an early gig ? rough stage times anyone ? looking at you Ultra:Macdaddy ?
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    The Redneck Manifesto - Smile More

    no medium tshirts whAT was the craic wih that i managed to arrive home covered in blood without any keys i love them nights
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    great lakes mystery - organo moderato deadly
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    Autechre on the radio

    is this the 12 hour mix which has been floatin around online for a while or a new one?