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    What are you a member of?

    nope. got a card and some badges and maybe a poster, then never heard from them again. Pricks.
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    What are you a member of?

    I was in the A-ha fan club when I was about 12.
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    Minor complaints thread

    amen, they are lethal. Some of the cycling lobby have been singing their praises and are starting to row in behind them to get legalised. Have had more than a few rows with them over it. They are LETHAL, and mostly ridden by pricks (not the good kind).
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    What are you a member of?

    cycling ireland my gah club amnesty international
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    Lindt 99%

    2 euro in tesco. theres a nicer one there though, also for 2 euro. dunno what the name is, but I'd get that one instead. The lindt one doesn't melt that easy. Feels crunchy in yer gob.
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    adios silver jews

    got it in tower dawson st. They have one more copy left. Yeah a bit steep but probably cheaper than most shite these days.
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    Happy Birthday, BlackGrape

    and not the good kind neither
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    I need to upgrade some shit

    wow all of this happened while we were sleeping. Like, THE WORLD COULD HAVE ENDED JEEESUS
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    adios silver jews

    2nd attempt to purchase the album failed today. Lad in spindizzy looked at me like I'd 2 heads. FADE or RAGE or whatever that place only sells U2, Prince and Thin Lizzy albums. Nothing in Freebird either. Will try Tower tomorrow.
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    the ryanair rant thread

    I think they're sound
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    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    thats cos ur old and fallin apart
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    aw man we're gonna have to start a thread to find a band people your age like
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    Minor complaints thread

    no one here is going to believe you have 3 friends
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    adios silver jews

    too late bro, damage is done
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    adios silver jews

    had planned to venture out to do the same but then someone wanted to have lunch with me instead. SAKE. will pick up a copy next week. It sounds great.