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    :Hounds: is recruiting

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    :Hounds: is recruiting

    Since BLOODY Latex Lizzie failed to post this : :HOUNDS: Need Drummer
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    internet security

    I like ESET.
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    Game of Thrones Season 4 - EXPECT SPOILERS

    Went to a preview last night. So much 0wn.
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    Bargains someone should buy.

    Mine's a 1936 cab, but pretty close. The Mig 60 is totally baller, I'd nearly buy it as a backup if I weren't so povo.
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    PC self build recommended sites

    Get an SSD. Get 8GB of RAM. Maybe get a graphics card? :S
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    Eastbound and Down - the FINAL final season

    This is the greatest show of all time. Having said that, it hasn't really gotten back to the consistency of seasons 1 & 2. Season 3 definitely had it's moments mind you.
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    Ciao Trap. Next.

    On the other hand, no competitive games for a year means we can take the time to change the way we play without having to worry about dropping qualification points. Rebuild morale and team spirit, etc.
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    Choice Music Prize 2013 Albums list

    Putting all my savings on :Hounds:
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    Google Chrome

    I'm the king of the PO. Feels good.
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    Google Chrome

    Get more memory, scrub.
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    Some Guitar + Recording bits

    Who shall step up and relieve me of my Tremelo, Big Muff and Bad Bass?
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    Some Guitar + Recording bits

    Make it so. Eh, you can collect from Ballsbridge or I can arrange to meet you this weekend in town.
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    Some Guitar + Recording bits

    How about 50 for the 4-track and 100 for the copicat?
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    Some Guitar + Recording bits

    Gonna give first dibs on these to thumpeteers, then they're off to adverts : Yamaha MT400 4-track. This one's cool because you can record 4 tracks at once with it. Or at least that's why I bought this 3/4 years ago and then never used it. Watkins Copicat Again, hasn't been used in a while...