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    weyes blood - the innocents

    Love this...
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    Country music

    God damnit. Forgot the word "saying"
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    US politics

    Beyond parody ""> She's the ultimate Karen
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    Country music

    I like some country music as well, but I get what Benny is. We all have our internal biases. Real or imaginary.
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    Recently Purchased

    Paura : Italian Horror Sounds From CAM Sugar Archives (CD)
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    Wire - 154 (1979)

    Good writer Simon Reynolds. Retromania & rip it up and start again were very good.
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    Minor Musical Observations

    The it girl is up there with the best brit pop albums.
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    Low - HEY WHAT (2021)

    I'm confusing Low and Yo la tengo.
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    I did not know it was a cover!

    Evil woman from Black Sabbath's first album. Originally recorded by Crow.
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    Low - HEY WHAT (2021)

    The 30 second clip opinion. I like the songs, the melodies, the vibe. Its very pop. The 4 track style production for the whole album could be a deal breaker.
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    Metallica - The Black Album

    No votes for a black album. Let's call it what it is.....racism.
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    Thread for Current pop songs you like

    Yeah, I really like that one. Funky, 70s, yacht rock.
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    stupidly good drumming.

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    It's the Friday 80s Pop song thread

    It's hard to get the images of the eric prydz video out of your head when listening to this.
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    US politics

    I can't read the complete article.....but fuck off with your self Larissa.