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  • godDAAAM...the obscures are killing my 'tomorrows monday' buzz!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!

    only mazin'....cheers Prefuse
    Still, it was a nice and altruistic thing to do... unless it was a very cunning plan to get more rep, in which case I'm sorry to say but you've been rumbled.
    I couldn't stop watching.
    It was..............I don't know what it was.

    I think I need to lie down for a while.
    Yo dude. Im away on tour to the UK tomorrow. Il beand back in dublin Tuesday eve if i could meet up with you to get the dd3. Sorry for the repeat message, just l be away from the net for a week starting tomorrow. Youv'e got my mobile number so drop me a text if it suits. Cheers, Tom.
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