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    Harbo "Niall" Harbison

    It's basically using the audience segmentation tools available in facebook to make sure a promoted post is only seen by a very specific group... and then some. So in the past when we had a facebook page, I might have used promoted posts it if i was doing a comp or ticket giveaway to make sure...
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    Festivals that allow teenagers

    To avoid them?
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    forthcoming film trailers

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    Culture Night

    Speaking of which - did you see this? ‘Judgment Night’ Soundtrack Oral History: Inside the Rap-Rock Landmark – Rolling Stone
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    forthcoming film trailers

    Been waiting a while for this one. Sci-fi stunner Prospect values small stories in a galaxy far, far away
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    Film chat

    a few irish bits in there - the only thing that lets Gilgun's accent down is the episode where he claims to be from Dublin...
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    Hellworld Thread

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    Cute Lifestyles

    Can our neighbour install a cat-height electric fence? Spoiler: yes
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    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    i have never owned an estate
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    Hellworld Thread

    Armed gardaí respond to eviction row involving homeless family Charlie Flanagan supports law against photographing gardaí what a time to be alive, etc
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    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    define grown up?
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    What movie did you watch last night?

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    Middle aged pleasures

    I’ll try sticking my head in it later so.
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    Middle aged pleasures

    Deep fried air is the best.
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    Bored in Work 846