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    All Together Now

    we were in the middle of the tent both times and it was grand, but i'd missed seeing them a couple of times over the years for various reasons so I don't i'd have noticed or cared.
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    All Together Now

    i don't know if i enjoyed the beastie boys or the beastie boys most. actually, definitely was the beastie boys.
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    All Together Now

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    All Together Now

    All Together Now will be set across 16 stages, featuring natural amphitheatres, secret woodland stages, the Belonging Bandstand and more. The flow of the festival will mean that the grounds will be easily navigable, intimate but with quirky gems, rolling lawns, gentle hills and hidden forests...
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    All Together Now

    All Together Now August Bank Holiday Weekend 2-4 2019 Curraghmore Estate, Co Waterford Chapter Two: The National . Patti Smith . Hot Chip . Father John Misty The Good, The Bad & The Queen . Jon Hopkins Live Ólafur Arnalds . Neneh Cherry . Loyle Carner The Wailers . Lisa Hannigan & Stargaze...
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Punk as fuck
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    Steve Gunn

    every time i see this thread i hear
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Just been to see Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse. IT WAS AMAZING. First time in... ever? that i've thought "i wish i'd seen this in 3d". Will be watching it again.
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    Bored in Work 867

    full 9000x9000 image -
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    Nialler9 Hates Trad People

    New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators WANT
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    US politics

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    People Who Died

    John Stalker 'Shoot-to-kill' probe police chief dies
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    Hellworld Thread

    sounds like a plan
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    Hellworld Thread is face-generating AI at its creepiest
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