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    Judge Dredd: Mega-City One

    Comic Writer Rob Williams Has Completed 'Judge Dredd' Pilot Script
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    Bored in Work 838

    Ex-Valve employee describes ruthless internal politics at 'self-organizing' companies | PC Gamer
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    Bored in Work 838

    Axios AM
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    You know you're getting old....

    when things like this have to be explained to people like they're something from antiquity A Mansion Filled With Hidden Worlds: When the Internet Was Young
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    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    proper order
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    What's wrong with

    the app is disabled for now until tapatalk sort out their GDPR stuff
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    Ask Thumped...

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    Happy Prime Day

    whatever, hippies 500gb ssd for £85 6tb external HD for £90 not bad
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    Happy Prime Day

    I just registered for the 30 day Prime trial - - anyone spot any good deals?
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    How It Ends. Aarrrrgh there's about 80% of a good movie here...
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    Bored in Work 837

    My Health Record systems collapse under more opt-outs than expected | ZDNet
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    Ads you HATE!!

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    Bored in Work 837

    First-ever colour X-ray on a human
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    Bored in Work 837

    Social Media’s Dial-Up Ancestor: The Bulletin Board System
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    I did not know it was a cover!