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    cLOUDDEAD/ Boom Bip & Doseone - Whelans this sunday!

    Still can't believe I missed this gig.
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    Tickets When 'Guests' Must Arrive At Same Time As CC Holder

    It was meant to be done for Radiohead but I heard in the end they stopped checking for IDs as the queues got too long - they did check at the start. I imagine that wouldn't be the case in a place like the Olympia (smaller venue). I went to see Radiohead in the US and my ticket was only issued...
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    50 Incredibly Tough Albums For Extreme Listeners

    This is pretty hard to listen to - I've don't think I've actually managed to listen to the whole thing in one go.
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    Electric Picnic 2014 - Art Caravans

    They should make sure that EP 2014 is actually going to happen first.
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    From the videos I have seen, it looks like they have updated some of the visuals.
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    Looks like the Kraftwerk concerts page has updated and it doesn't say which day they are playing on
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    Kraftwerk for 45 euro is deadly value.
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    FF confirmed as going ahead today (though back to a 2 day festival). Makes you wonder what place would EP have this year. All the festival promoters are interlinked anyway (e.g POD does FF which also has a stake in EP, MCD have a stake in EP/Latitude/Oxegen etc..)
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    New Autechre

    Really want to get this but I'm having trouble justifying the 33.99 (+ postage) that Warp want for the vinyl.
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    Backing up vs Archiving

    I have 3 local copies (2 local machines + 1 external hard drive) and I also keep a backup copy in Amazon Glacier (used to be S3 until Glacier was launched)
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    Beatyard : Laurel Halo, Apparat, Matthew Herbert, Donato Dozzy etc... Oct 25-28th

    Is Matthew Herbert just going to be a DJ set?
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    Mailing list screwup

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    Kraftwerk tomorrow

    So it turns out this was Snoop Dogg. Probably.
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    Netflix/Lovefilm etc

    Lovefilm won't work unless you have a UK address afaik.
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    Getting a Cover for a Kindle

    You can order a cover from, doesn't have to be