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    2022 Mini Marathon / A Little Lifetime

    So sorry Thumpeder, hope you and yours are getting by ok.
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    Holiday book

    To Be a Machine is excellent! I'd forgotten about that other one, I must give it a read.
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    Holiday book

    Have you read Broken Greek by Pete Paphides? I loved it, and I got it for a couple of friends and they really enjoyed it too.
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    Major Complaints Thread

    What a shower of wankers! Fuck sake
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    Jim O'Rourke - Love Liza Soundtrack

    I had completely forgotten about this film. Is it any good?
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    Recently Purchased

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    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    There was a CD box set as well, but it was even more limited than the vinyl at 1000 copies. Saw a few of them around yesterday, but they seem to be all gone now. Still pricey enough at around €89.99.
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    The Gareth Brooks thread

    Fair play to the local lad they had on Prime Time about this last night, wasn't having it at all. "They should bring back the Stones: Fred and Barney."
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    2021 Virtual Mini Marathon / A Little Lifetime

    Job done. Fair play to her!
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    Happy Birthday, pavlos

    Cheers Thumped! I hope that you too are having a good one.
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    Recently Purchased

    Cheers - that's outstanding work!