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    IFF taxation consultation thread

    i finished the job at the end of 06 so the new p45 they sent me helpfully says 'date started: may 08' (when back pay was processed) and 'date finished: dec 06' (date i actually finished). the payslip is dated this year though, so it probably relates to 08. so i have to wait till the end of the...
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    Restaurant Recommendations

    i think yamamori and chez max would be too exotic for my father. i can just imagine his face if i told him we were going for french food. there seems to be a sufficient amount of STEAK and MEAT on the tante zoe's menu though for it to be a possibility so i will look into that!
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    IFF taxation consultation thread

    a few months back i had just started a job and was put on emergency tax. at the same time, i received a back payment from another job i finished ages ago, and this was hit with the emergency tax too. i got the money back from my actual job as obv more payments were made to me, but the back pay...
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    Restaurant Recommendations

    i have to make a booking for a graduation dinner and i'm a bit stuck. we need to be sitting down around 4ish as the actual graduation bit won't be done till then, and also half the party are catching a train at 7 so it can't be much later. it's an awkward time of post-lunch, pre-dinner, so a lot...
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    A Film with me in it

    that's ok! hey everyone else: i don't think a comeback is necessary for reading something in a newspaper about the origin of a comedian's surname and believing it to be true!
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    A Film with me in it

    ok. i got it from here:
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    A Film with me in it

    the 'o' is made up. david o'doherty inserted it to differentiate himself from his brother cos he was also doing stand-up when he started.
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    Random Photos

    it looks like the salt mine outside krakow! am i right?
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    US Presidential Elections 2008
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    hello. so, the national day of volunteering - 'give it a swirl day' - takes place on friday 26th september. the day concentrates on hands-on involvement rather than fundraising, giving people a taster of volunteering. you can find listings of the volunteer projects organised for the day on...
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    Favourite Food Blogs

    i like and i've recently started reading and which seem good too.
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    Happy Birthday to Catwoman, itchy on 25th August 2008

    happy birthday!
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    One Week in Paris

    some paris gig listings:
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    Mario Kart Wii Thumped GP

    i'll be in for this too. yeah, one person can set up a room and as long as you've added that person, the room pops up as an option to join.
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    does anyone have anymore accommodation recommendations they'd like to make? i've found some cheap flights for august but it's festival season so a lot of places are booked up and what's left that i can find is a bit expensive for my tight budget.