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    Left for dead. Friday 5th December

    Left for dead on Friday 5th Fibbers Plus SFU, hollow cost and the n-11's
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    999 Friday 24th October

    plus paranoid visions the lee harveys and the last ever Dublin appearance by Excuses
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    Culture Shock. Fibbers. 10th October

    stage times tonight: 9pm: the gakk 9.45: paranoid visions 11.00: culture shock 12.15: SFU
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    Culture Shock. Fibbers. 10th October

    I'm planning on trying to get them on before last bus!!!
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    Culture Shock. Fibbers. 10th October

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    barb wire dolls Friday 14th!

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    The Mob/Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions/protex/the penny black remedy

    This weekend! Can't wait for this, been rehearsing the Steve Ignorant set for weeks, Steve been rehearsing at his home for HOURS on end by all accounts! Have to rehearse it on friday with him so will miss IT. But on Saturday get to see protex for the first time, so it's well worth it!
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    Inner Terrestrials + Support, 24th May, Fibber's Upstairs

    the night before the Mob and steve ignorant! heavy weekend
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    how do you delete threads?

    I had a typo on my spear IF destiny post, but can't seem to delete it!!! Or alter it???? I've redone it, but how do i get rid of the original?
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    FOAD presents: Spear Of Destiny, October 12th, Fibber Magees

    FOAD Musick presents: SPEAR OF DESTINY (plus support to be announced) Fibber Magees 12th October, €12, (onsale may 10th) 1983 - 2013 Hard to believe we know but it is true, Kirk Brandon has now been leading SOD for 30 years. To celebrate we are planning a 6 week European tour in...
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    Conflict + Subhumans (more tbc). saturday May 11 Button Factory

    Jasper, I'd say there will definately be passes out. And yes you are right about the wasted festival in Morecombe..again, a long time ago! Will be an interesting day I reckon, I'd be a lot ahppier with more local bands on the bill to be honest, we are the token irish band! But I believe theres...