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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Silverado First time watching it since I was a child. At the time I thought it was a gritty combination of Deadwood, Unforgiven and The Wild Bunch. Now I realise it was a comedy. Kingsmen the Golden Circle Not at all as enjoyable as the first one. The joke with the tracking device was funny though,
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    I decided fuck that and rolled over the lot of them with the lawm mower. On a cost benefit basis daffodils are a shit investment. Lost of hassle for ugly flowers that don't last long and flower in spring when it's too cold to be outside to enjoy the garden anyway. Fuck daffodils.
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    I have the horn for...

    We'll you could merege it with the "I have the gay horn for" thread for balance.
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    I have the horn for...

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    Thread of bleakness

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    Minor complaints thread

    I left home with the pram in the boot of the car any my wife's keys in my pocket. Leaving her locked in the house. OOPS. No walk today I guess.
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    UK Election 2017 (Part 1)

    I don't get it?
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    You know you're getting old....

    You weren't hanging pictures or anything of that nature lately?
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    Anyone into African music?

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    animated gif thread

    All it's missing to be total cliche is for the car alarm to go off.
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    animated gif thread

    I can watch this forever And still be surprized at how tiny the car is And how suspenseful it it. And how every time I see this exact same joke in an action film I groan.
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    animated gif thread

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    What do I need to buy for my forthcoming child?

    The standard baby shower present in Mexico seems to be a gross of nappies. My brothere in law tells me he didn't have to buy a singe one for the first 12 months. Sounds grand and practicial to me.
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    Jessica Jones

    I cant figure out wheter I think Krysten Rytter is cute or not. I'll tell you what though
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    Jessica Jones

    This seems so long ago. Innocent times!